Tuesday, May 31, 2005

orange eyes climb higher

yeeha...this is a great link if you fancy being a dj in your own bedroom.This is a real time music sequencer and sampler built to work right in your web browser.It's totally free and a fab way to impress yourself on a bad tv night. You can save your masterwork to your hard drive or even post it up as an mp3 on your blog.....anyone game???
I had a look on a interesting blog earlier it has obituaries posted up on a daily basis, plus lots of interesting info. The Blog of Death is worth a checkerout. Did you know that Paul Tate, father of Sharon died on 28th May 2005? The former Army intelligence officers' daughter was murdered by the followers of Charles Manson. He was 82. He never gave up trying to keep the 'Family' from getting out of jail. I actually came across an MP3 of Charles singing a creepy little number called Eyes of a Dreamer. It is pretty freaky if you listen to the words. Anyway, here it is for evaluation purposes only...I really couldn't say 'Buy the album' .

Charles Manson and the Family Eyes of a Dreamer MP3

On a cheerier note, how about an upbeat fabbydabby countrry tune
Blue Highway Still Climbing Mountains MP3
the band have been one of the best exponents of bluegrass. Billboard Magazine called them 'as close to a bluegrass supergroup as there is on the road today' They have a new album 'Marbletown'out that you can stream from CMT right here.
Bela Fleck is something else...I discovered him on a compilation record in a bargain bin in Bruce Millers Music Shop in Aberdeen many moons ago. I had never heard anything like it. He remains one of the best banjo player on the block.
Bela Fleck Poindexter MP3
Best Instrumental Composition
Best Pop Instrumental Performance
You can download more stuff from their website.
Bonus Ball for tonight is a great thrasheroo from Charlie Daniels.. He was born in 1936, in Wilmington, N.C., and raised on a musical diet of Pentecostal gospel, bluegrass and the rhythm & blues and country music from Nashville .Graduating from high school in 1955 he was a skilled player on guitar, fiddle and mandolin. Daniels formed a rock 'n' roll band and hit the road.
Among his more notable sessions were the Bob Dylan albums of 1969-70 Nashville Skyline, New Morning and Self Portrait.Here he is in fine fettle.
Charlie Daniels Orange Blossom Special MP3
Have just switched on the telly jesus ferkin christ...some crappy programme called'Love Island' with a bunch of Z list celebs. In the future, I'm sure folks will look back and think what a shallow and superficial culture we had. Big Brother and all this reality tv ....don't get me started...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

krankies daughter in roo gazette

I got a letter this morning that was addressed 'Dear Potential Millionaire' I had a quick look and I saw I was invited to a 'No strings, no catch, no gimmicks Free Preview Workshop' I could join this growing band of people 'just like me' who are 'quietly (not sure how loudly would look) amassing huge personal wealth from investing in property' yeh right...it looks like a home grown version of the Nigerian scam that still seems to catch lots of folk out. 'If you send £1.0000000000000000000000000000 to this bank account I will be able to release 4 times this amount.....anyway I will not be going and will leave this 'golden opportunity to create lifelong wealth for my family' in the rubbish bin.
here is the first course of the day
Country Gazette Keep on Pushin mp3
Members of "Country Gazette" included Byron Berline, Roger Bush, Kenny Wertz, Alan Munde, Herb Pedersen, Roland White, Dave Ferguson, Billy Joe Foster, Joe Carr, Michael Anderson, Bill Bryson, Gene Wooten, Greg Kennedy, Bill Smith, Chris Vandertuin, Dawn Watson and Steve Garner.
Quite a crew !!!
In September 1972 Country Gazette recorded their first album "A traitor in our midst", which was produced by Jim Dickson who also produced The Byrds, The Dillards, Gene Clark, The Flying Burrito Brothers ... .A lot of songs on that album came from the time before Country Gazette was formed. With "Keep on pushin" and "Tried so hard" two Gene Clark compositions .You can catch the whole story at the website. Needless to say its a great track from one of the most influential bluegrass outfits from the 70's.

Here's a fab band, a hell of a lot more interesting than Travis or any of those winsome types that seem to clog up the airwaves.
Sons and Daughters Medicine mp3 When I tried to find out their biog online all I got was the TV soap and links to sites of a religious nature. I will of course not lead you in that direction and suffice to say, if you scroll through enough google pages you will find out all you need to know.
Here is one little diamond that was nestling amongst a stack of apache parent directories. I have seen Kevin 3 times now and he just gets better all the time. He comes to bonnie scotland on a regular basis. In Edinburgh he supported the Mavericks at the Playhouse, appeared with Pettibone at Hopetoun House and did a gig at the Venue where Dean Owens of the Felsons joined him on stage.

Kevin Montgomery Let's All Go To California mp3 His dad was Bob Montgomery who wrote with Buddy Holly. He wrote Heartbeat and I always expect to see Nick Berry coming through the door when I hear it. His ma was a backing singer for Elvis Presley. Hey, I would be ecstatic if my ma had been a backing singer for the Krankies...
The Scots are known for their inventions..note Alexander Graham Bell , James Watt and of course the latest to join this illustrious band Joanne Gair.
She has produced the first batch of environmentally friendly toilet paper made from kangaroo manure.
The paper has been made by Creative Paper Tasmania by Joan who moved to Australia 20 years ago.
About 25kg of roo dung make roughly 400 A4 paper sheets.Thats a lot of roo roll.
anyhow how about i just post this blog....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

crazywhitechairs tangled in the ghetto

hey ho here we go!! blogeroo time. I have had a break for a couple of days as i was way too tired to think of anything worth sharing with the globe. However, Big Rock Candy Mountain has sent through a me'me that sounds like a lot of fun.
Here are my thoughts on what's with me at the moment.
total music files on my computer
If each file weighed 128 sugar lumps I would own many plantations of sugarcane and be a zillionaire several times..

Last 4 cd's I bought 3 is not enough
Bruce Springsteen Devils and Dust
Jim Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today
Further Beyond Nashville Various Artists
Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band The Mountain
I seem to like collaborations....
song playing right now
Freakwater My Old Drunk Friend
5 Songs that I listen to a lot, or means a lot to me.
Riders On the Storm The Doors
Bob Dylan Tangled up in Blue
Elvis Presley In the Ghetto
Emmylou Harris Boulder to Birmingham
Leonard Cohen Famous Blue Raincoat

I could go on...but I will pass this meme across to Enchilada....lets see what he comes up with!
I have been looking again at Victor Bockris' book about Lou Reed. It is well worth a delve into. I saw Lou perform at an outdoor concert in Barcelona a few years back. He seemingly insisted according to the local paper that the gig be a sit down affair with chairs. He also asked that the chairs not be fixed to each other in anyway.This was because he was interested in seeing what would happen.... Well, you can imagine, all those folks queuing in the melting sun getting more agitated about getting a good seat. When the gate opened, there was a surge of bodies and initially everyone did indeed behave. We managed to get fairly good seats near the front. Lou took ages to come on and the crowd were getting a bit restless to say the least. As the dark descended and Lou appeared the crowd became even more excited and stood up to get a better view. As he blasted into Waiting for the Man a chair came hurtling through the air missing the guy in fronts' head by a millimetre. After that a free for all ensued with folks getting chairs crashing into their backs and folk crashing out and trying to get to the medics. We managed to escape with little damage and retire to a bar to watch the show on a big screen. So rereading this book made me wonder if indeed this was the case or whether it was just a press hype story.The jury is definately out on this one.
Here is one of his best
Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side mp3
Last night on the tv was the story of Agnetha from Abba. She seemingly married a stalker. It all went horribly wrong and what she was thinking is anybody's guess. The programme was pretty crap and disjointed. The best bit was the music and just to remember how damn popular the band was and still is. I despaired this year of the Eurovision song contest. I had to turn it off after 10 min. Total twaddle. Abba were indeed the best of the lot.Here is one for her and all the folk who are trying to make sense of it all..
Ryan Adams Dreaming Free mp3
Here is a couple of extra tracks for listening to when you are jogging round the bed
Oasis Stay Young mp3 the new album is being slated for being stuck in a jangly beatle moment. I don't mind I rather like it. I also liked Liam's comments on bands of the moment..particularly this one
"It's Charlotte Church for me, man,” he stated. “She could be the next Liam. She's got a great voice and she f**king has it. She knows how to get f**king hammered and she freaks people out."
Crazywhitehorsesmashup mp3
i hope i got the info on this track right...its one of the best that i have been listening to this week whilst out and about on my Lucky Mp3. It has jammed and I can't get the tracks off it and change them. Will i be a slave to fashion and buy an IPod or will I wait and see how the technology stacks up.I miss my MP3 though. Here is the first track i ever downloaded
The Ramones Teenage Lobotomy mp3
and a fine and dandy sound it made too.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

battered minks in sugar and glue

Having a night in..after being down at The Compass in Leith for some fabby cod in beer batter and well done chips. Billy was cooking tonight so you don't have to ask for well done chips as he always does then like that, but I always remind the waiter anyway. Had a glass of a rather cheeky organic red and then up the road to chill out.
Here is a bit of nonsense...a real good hiccup cure or a way to test your health insurance. Just click on the little piggies nose...
here to get your equilibrium back fair and square is a bit of Jim Morrison. I never have been to the grave..the state it has been in the last couple of years i think i am glad to have given it a miss. I read Danny Sugarmans book 'No One Gets Out Alive'..and it is well worth a read. One of the best in the store.This is for Danny.
here is one of my desert island discs
The Doors Break on through mp3
Searching around for another favourite book and I have to mention 'The Creation Story My Magpie Eyes are Hungry for the Prize 'by David Cavanagh.
I had an email tonight from Adam Sanderson of the Jasmine Minks. I did email him first...I came across his site whilst checking out the punk scene in Aberdeen. My first grown up job was at the 62 club the equivalent of CBGB' s or the 100 club for kids.(slight exaggeration but you get the idea) I remember the punk /soul divide and the chaos if we got the night wrong. Each group had a night in turn and those Monday holidays fare threw things about. We often got the two groups turning up on the same night and having to co exist on the same dance floor. You would have Out on the Floor by Dobie Gray then a slice of The Saints then back to Al Wilson and his Snake.
Although the Jasmines didn't play at the club Adam remembers being one of the punters. I was only a few years older than the main players and still had to find my gallusness. Anyway check out his site here. I don't remember listening to their stuff so I should fill in my CV and see if I can get hold of a track or two. No doubt Hauf Jaiket may have a single or two in his cupboard....
here is a track for Adam and all the punks that pogo'd their way across a gobby floor
UK Subs Living Dead mp3
and yes they did play at the 62!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

plant that olive in the laundrymat

had a fab weekend..the sun shone the whole time and the garden was the best place to spend the time. Went to the Leith Market on Sat and bought as Hauf Jaiket called 'overpriced olives' they were nae bad but yes a wee tad dear. However, I feel it important to support the market and the whole idea of an alternative to supermarkets. I also went to the Royal Botanic's Plant Sale and picked up a few wee gems for a small amount of cash. I am even thinking of becoming a member looks like you get to hobnob with the gentry of this fair city whilst improving the brain cells and getting a glass of vino and some'nibbles' Home to over 6% of all known plants, the Garden is acknowledged to be one of the finest in the world where unusual and beautiful plants can be found. The world's largest collection of vireya rhododendrons, originally from the mountains of New Guinea and Borneo, are on display. It is a fab place to chill out and amazing to think it is right here in the city. Was so inspired have bought a ticket to the biggest event on the gardeners calendar
Gardeners Scotland at Ingilston. It looks to be a stotter, changed days when all I was interested in was a ticket to the Reading.Festival..anyway..age does mellow the soul. I now like to enjoy the garden rather than squeezing into a smoky bar trying to order that overpriced pint...but thankfully I still enjoy The Ramones and a good blast of The Ruts.
Here they are with the fantabulous
The Ruts Babylons Burning mp3
I'm listening to more Americana these days but will delve into the archives for some nostalgia for this post. As always these mp3's are for evaluation and research purposes so BUY the music if you like it...but probably like me you may like to buy a CD that is of better quality and has a resale value.Here is a track from%2

Friday, May 13, 2005

scottie dogs dance

Blogtime again!!!! I have been a bit lax this week, not much time so here is a Friday Special. Listening to Brian Burnette on Radio Scotland with The Brand New Opry. A fantastic selection of tracks as usual, from the Notorious Cherry Bombs to Kenny Chesney.(not one of my favourites if I was being honest)
Hauf Jaiket is playing on Sunday at the Leith Market, so may mosey on down there to buy some cheese and bread and check out his set. The sun has been shining in the garden all week so it has been a 'get the chairs out and pretend we are in Majorca' routine. I also checked out Borders for CD's but they are way too expensive...I know that they have to pay for the staff and the wooden floor and the franchise coffee merchant..but I have yet to purchase anything in that shop. Fopp is still the best for the unexpected bargain. If they can sell a CD for a fiver , have crowds out the door and have a shop in Rose Street, which has probably a high rent there is some dodgy sums going on, The worst has to be HMV I think they must pander to the impulse buyer...'no, I don't care if it costs £15.99 I want it NOW and I can't be arsed to buy it from play.com for £8.99 inc postage.' Anyway this was not supposed to be a rant but it has turned into one.....onto the music for the day.
Listening to The Arlenes..they are indeed fab and the harmonies would have emmylou and gram worried. Here is a stotter and one of my all time favourites

The Arlenes Lonely won't leave me alone mp3
This band did relocate to California and I wish them well coz they really are fantastic.
Well it's late and I have just had a coffee from the brand new Gaggia Titanium and I tell you this is one hell of a cup of coffee..I would go on an advert and babble about how the crema is one to run on your car roof for.Of course the downside is that I may be up for a few hours when I really should be getting some serious shuteye.
This weekend I hope to get a chance to listen to the new Bruce offering and have a look at the visuals as well. Will do a report on my findings soon.
Next up
Tom Thumb part two by the Merry Go Round Singers. mp3
No I have not forgotten all you folk out there dying to hear what happens next....so here you are..a great way to spend a Friday night downloading this little beauty.
And for the bonus ball tonight it's back to Martyn Bennett and a great number . I often think about him and how unfair his death was. This is for him and all the folk going through hard times.He was just a young chiel and this makes me glad to be alive.
Martyn Bennett Liberation mp3
Tomorrow it's off to Lidl for asparagus as it is the season so if you have a store near you check it out.
How about another bonus ball??? I should be in my bed but this is stangely addictive.Here is another Scottie Dog who I think is great. I have seen him in concert many times...in fact at the Stonehaven Folk Festival a few moons ago he was at a gig the band I was in at the time was doing. He came up at the end and said he had really enjoyed my fiddle playing. This made my night as I am a sucker for that kind of thing! Anyway he is a fantabulous fiddle player , singer and writer. This track kind of says it all.
Dougie Maclean Let the People Speak mp3
Now I really am off for some shuteye and say Give Garth Brooks Tomorrow never Comes a listen. It is on the deck here and I am going to rerun it again. He is very maligned, but he has a couple of crackers this one and The Dance. I will see if I can find them and post them up.Ok nighty night for now.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

tatties in the house

have a secret to share. I did a thing this morning I havent done in oh it must be 30 years...no it wasn't blastingDischarge on the tape deck , it was having fried tattie scones for breakfast. In fact I had 6 of them along with a fried egg...and it was fan..ferkin..tastic...I remember my dad used to make these big breakfasts on a sunday whilst us kids hunkered down on the floor reading
the Broons and Oor Wullie in the Sunday Post. So when I was in Aldi I decided to indulge myself and boy did I !! Anyway, check them out if you can..scottish nectar.
Well the election results were pretty predictable with the Labour party getting in even though the majority was less. I am relieved that the tory race card didn't really kick in and that the BNP didn't get any seats either. However, can you settle an argument for me is the Tory Councillor Eileen Kinnear for Harrow on the Hill wearing glasses???
I went down to the Leith Market again this week and blow me there is a couple of vinyl and CD stalls. They had a good selection of stuff from Willie Ray Hubbard to Willie Nelson. I also noticed the prices were what I would expect around 6 and 7 quid for a CD . The market was looking a wee bit more cheery and there were some fab olives stalls too. Almost tempted to buy this mixture of balsalmic and figs...supposedly great on tattie scones. I hope the market suceeds and that we get our own wee bit of Les Halles here .
Music for today..lets start with a cracker from Aly Bain Shetlands well known fiddler. I remember seeing him at the Keith Folk Festival years ago during a lock in. Da Forty Fiddlers from Shetland were a bit depleted that year as a few of them were too drunk to be allowed to board the plane. However, despite Mr Bain being well Bainboxed he performed an incredible set from underneath a table where he was lying. Someone handed him his fiddle and away he went. Fantastic. I remember thinking that I must try that at home and see if it improved my fiddling technique.
Aly Bain The Hangman's Reel mp3
Next up is a favourite of mine Jim Lauderdale. He has some audio and video here. I got two of his albums for less that a fiver and play them pretty much all the time.
Jim Lauderdale Forever aint no trouble now mp3
and lastly a great version of an old classic from those boys from the seventies.
Bachman Turner Overdrive House of the Rising Sun mp3 They tried reforming in the 1980's and decided to manage themselves. Big Mistake given that you now needed a publicity machine to make sure you were getting airplay. It was no longer enough just to gig and produce records. They faded away and the last hearing of them was on the Simpsons when Homer harasses them 'just to play their hits' at a local fair.However, they live on here.
Well thats all for now folks..I'm off to check out some more tattie scones...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

tom thumb v dancing blair

Thanks to all of you who have been a posting up comments...it is indeed a buzz to check them out!! Fire of Love has asked if I saw Steve Young who played here recently in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I didn't must make a point of checking out the gig scene a bit better. One of the gigs I missed and continue to kick my bahoochie over was young Van Zandt playing at The Village just round the corner...un ferkin believable that I was in that night cooking an aubergine tartin....
Here is a link to the best story i read yesterday..could only happen in scotland oh how a life can so easily be destroyed..notice the emphiasis is on HIS life. My other point is if the woman was so shocked and distressed, why did she wait for him to return?? why did she not hot foot it out of the room??? maybe something got lost in the translation.
I have been out to vote and the polling station was fairly busy. I asked my 12 year old neice if she could vote today would she? 'Absolutely' was the reply..especially after Emily Davidson threw herself in front of the King's horse at the 1913 Derby and was killed. It was a sobering thought, how folks had fought to get the vote and how nowadays we often take it for granted.More folks voting for Pop Idol than at an election.
I always stay up for the results and by one oclock tonight about 150 results should be in. This should give more than an indication who will form the next government. Will it be Dancing Blair?? yes I reckon it will.

To get things rolling here is a fandabbydozy piece of aural candy from
The Merry Go Round Singers Tom Thumb part one. Listen out for further instalments over the next few days.I have searched for info on the group but to no avail.
There was a casette that was played the most on a band tour i was on across Europe one summer. I remember this track playing over the fabulous souped up speakers in the old Dodge van as we travelled through Dortmund. I had made up lots of cut up/mix up tapes for the journey. This was well before the iPod discovery of mixing random tracks. So we would go from Tackhead to Ali Bain followed by The Slits then onto this by the Johnson Mountain Boys.
Johnson Mountain Boys Tomorrow I'll Be Gone mp3
This is how I like my countrry no sound of the nashville strings here.

Ohia up next with a lonesome number. This band is awesome and you can also check them out here.
Songs:Ohia Captain Badass mp3
Lastly the bonus ball for today the Boss himself off his spanking new offering.I have had it blasting away throughout the house. I have pretty much all his official releases and reckon he still is indeed the Boss.
Bruce Springsteen Long Time Comin mp3

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

deep fried donnas with dental floss

Only a few more days till voting.....it's getting intense....posters up everywhere for the SNP and Scottish Socialists...they both must think they have a chance here in the Republic of Leith. I got my card a few days ago and resisted selling my vote on ebay which has indeed been done by other folks. I also noticed on ebay the other night that someone got 40 odd smackeroonies for their hubby's false teeth, only worn once ...yuckaroooooooooo i must remember to keep my old dental floss and of course those ear buds...used of course...only once.
As to this election, with having this lurgy and feeling all flued up I have not been giving it my full attention. The theme seems to be 'trust'. As if a politician ever told the whole truth...do you??? we all disemble to some extent. If your boss says 'hey, I just bought the new Gareth Gates album would you like a burn?' Do you tell the truth and say 'God, what posessed you to buy this peice of trashtwaddle and why the hell do you think I would be remotely interested!'
No, you say, 'well thank you very much and i can't wait to get home to hear how his 'career' is developing and put me down for any Gareth Nights you are planning in the near future.' So I kind of expect politicians not to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....on that subject what did happen to Tommy Sherridan and him taking the News of the World to court for slander?
Anyway, can't stand that Michael Howard, what would his dad think about him banging on about immigrants given he was one himself. He has a Bushism that i like. He once exclaimed 'I know what causes crime, criminals!'
Derek Lewis: said "The smile of Michael Howard has the substance of the Cheshire cat, the menace of Uriah Heep and the sincerity of Bob Monkhouse."
Lastly on the ghastly tories the Sunday Mirror claims the slogan 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?' was lifted from an Australian kiddies tv show 'Bananas in Pyjamas'. Says it all really.
"Are you thinking what we're thinking? Well, I don't know, what are you thinking? If I was thinking what you're thinking, why would you have to ask? "
Tony likes to stay with it despite being out of touch with waiting times at doctors surgeries and banging on about health whilst school meal allowances are less than a packet of crisps. It took that geezer Jamie Oliver to shame the government into admitting that prisoners get a bigger allowance for food than school kids. I have banged on about this before and i will do so again....
now to todays tasty morsels..i am staying away from anything sugary sweet and instead will serve up something a lot more wholesome and long lasting....hmmm...let's have a think
Donna Kay Honeys and the Cowpokers Jesus, Jack Daniels and a Vibrator

The Donna Kays are one of the trashiest outfits this side of a ball of bale twine.I like the way they can snarl around a tune and even here in bonnie scotland i want to get down and trashy with a deep fried mars bar and a can of scottish nectar..Irn-Bru.This band need serious attention check them out.

Senor Coconut Smoke on the Water is certainly a new take on an old song...sway to the Latin rhythms of the grooviest party record since Senor Coconut's homage to Kraut robot-gods Kraftwerk on El Baile Aleman. The Orchestra really swings with its interpretations of classic cuts like "Smoke On The Water", "Riders On The Storm", and "Beat It" If you like your rock with a dash of smarm and poise..this is your man.

Monday, May 02, 2005

making monday fabulous

here is a couple of sounds to make monday night a night to remember...watching old reruns of the CMA awards . Some times the big stars do great things too...here's a bit of class all round
alan jackson and alison krauss and the angels cried mp3

from cleveland's vote for change concert the one and only dixies with james taylor
Dixie Chicks travellin soldier mp3

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bridget's burning personality

Surreal or what!!! i just found out that hauf jaikets alter ego was playing at the leith market not a gob throw from my front door...if i had roused myself in time i would have wandered amongst the candles and embroidered placemats to cheer him on. anyway hope it was a good gig. i took a wander down a few weeks ago and frankly the only thing to draw me back was the french guy with the french bread. How come we Scots expend the same effort making a ferkin candle?? The bread wins everytime.
I have managed to suss out thanks to enchilada how to post up links..and now feel a bit more like i have joined the grown ups of blogging. I will add other sites as i go, but thought i should get up the main inspirations today.
Have been very chilled today, trying to shake and vac a cold that has been hanging about for a boring long time. I feel like my lungs have a couple of carpets in them and even a Glen Orra has no effect. This was the cheapest malt i could find and when disguised with honey and lemon does the 'lay me down in a cask and wake me up when Crossroads is back on the telly ' kind of deal. I feel rough enough to enjoy toxic epphex and their rendition of 'maggie.' I don't have it on mp3 but maybe this will do instead. It's from my days of punk in Aberdeen and the shared flat. I had got a copy of the New York Dolls album from someone who had just returned with it from the states. Wow, this was the real deal, just before the Damned and New Rose hit, this was THE album and i had it in my posession. I can tell you, those that laughed when they first heard it were soon wearing white shirts, drainpipes and getting those mullets well cut within a few weeks. I like to think i was slightly ahead of the game and in homage here is
Johnny Thunders Personality Crises mp3
I maybe a countrygrrl these days but i do like to delve back into the scuzzy days when a record cost more than a week in the bahamas and you spent money on plastic record sleeves and cardboard covers for the 45's. I remember moving flats, from one end of Union Street to the other and moving 8 boxes all filled with vinyl on the number 10 bus. The rest of my posessions were in a rucksack on my back. Nobody ever thought of getting a taxi..that was only for posh folks.
Here is another classic for all you pogoers who liked their punk cut with a bit of loose reggae strides. This group gave The Clash a run for their moolah and this is their best track by a long shot. If you have a glue bag , all the better to enjoy this
The Ruts Babylons Burning.mp3
I am now off to the kitchen to clear up the debris of a lazy sunday and check whats for tea.Here is a more mellow number to assist you to pack your school bag for tomorrow and the big ol world of work..or play depending on your financial situation.
Bridget Bardot Harley Davidson mp3
This is indeed a bit of class and should be listenened to whilst sitting on a fur rug with no keks on.