Saturday, August 02, 2008

star lass dust

A blast tonight watching a real home grown movie called 'sickle'. I did enjoy it, despite nine people on amazon giving it only one star..come on guys!!! it is at least worth three!! anyway I know they were all saying it was not worth the £1.00 sticker in Woolie's sale but I reckoned it was worth an hour of doing housework. I have been checking out the Woolie's DVD section and got Rock School for £3.00 nae bad....just got to keep yer peepers prepped. I am a sucker for old classics too, got the original Planet Of the Apes with Charlton Heston..hey I can see a lazy Sunday coming up!!!!

Off to IKEA tomorrow to get a reading lamp.....have put off this trip cause of the petrol prices which have been going astral but can't put it off anymore, a bicycle torch in the sheets just doesn't save your corneas from popping, and their meatballs are ace.... music is still high on the agenda and I have dusted down my mandolin and have been trying out a few Am and D7 chords as well as the regular 4 or 5. 'Leonard Cohen always said why play 4 when 3 will do or something like that. You get the gist. Anyway, a bit of a blast on a mandolin and singing 'git along little dogies' is better than cutting the hedge any day. Have 5 books on the go at the moment and recommend Star Man by Michael Francis A great read about life with the rock and roll my who would really want to be one of them. The bit about Sheena Easton is pretty raw, she may have been a lovely lass from Scotland, but seeing what 'fame' does for her is wild. c



Blogger fred said...

ah, spotted Edmund Wilson, To The Finland Statin..great work

2:55 pm  

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