Sunday, May 28, 2006

crazy sun junctions

Back after a hiatus...I guess the sunshine has meant less time for crouching over my laptop listening to music and surfing. I went to a fantastic gig at the Leith Folk Club last week with The Tanahill Weavers. What a barnstormer of a set, the band were on top form with intricate arrangements and hypnotic rhythms. I have loved listening to them for years but never was able to see them live. The Leith Club is a friendly place with different acts on every Tuesday. I didn't win the raffle but hey..seeing the band was good enough for me!
I LOVE the Bosses new album and have it on LOUD when I am driving about, my favourite track of the moment is "Mary don't you weep". It's not often I join in at the top of my voice whilst negotiating roundabouts and T junctions, but this album is irresistible.
I have been listening to more folky things of late and here is an oldie but yes indeed one that you should give a listen to again. This band are still going in various guises and although i was too young..yes be into them in their heyday, I think this is quintessential of their style.
Fairport Convention Crazy Man Michael mp3
If you fancy you can even have this track as a ringtone on your phone..what next!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

shirt buffalos

This new album from the Boss is ROCKIN..I can't stop playing it LOUD and dancing round the house..fantabulous...I am not going to post anything from the album but here is Bruce in full flight live and alive..I don't know the venue but the crowd are giving it your heart out could never get such exuberance...and this guy is still wearing a check shirt.!!!!!..excellent all round.

Bruce Springsteen Buffalo Girls live mp3

Having another great day in the garden. Lots of wine, prawns on the barbeque and now indoors awaiting CSI the back of 9.00pm. Tomorrow is the Plant Show/Fair at the Botanic Gardens and a few bargains will be grabbed. Let's hope this fab weather holds out.....

Monday, May 08, 2006

texas burned love

time for another post..been out and about and not on line so much since the good weather has appeared. Fire of Love will be posting a guest post once i work out how to paste it in to this box..bit of a hassle at present so will keep you posted on's a cracker!! I see that he has decided to get back into the saddle and get scribbling again...
I am off to see the Tannahill Weavers soon when they appear in a wee pub in of my all time outfits so will give a report on the gig. Meanwhile here is a track by a hero who burned out too soon.
Townes Van Zandt Colorado Girl mp3 from Texas Troubador disc 2

There are lots of sites where you can catch up on all the griff..however i personally like these ones.
Townes Van Zant Central
Townes Van Zant BlueSkyCentral

check out this supper menu idea..excellent for those who hate cooking...