Tuesday, October 09, 2007

thriller panic boredom

Fopp has been bought over by HMV...not what I would have thought would happen but hey at least it will still be there for a great browse and a place to pick up some serious music. I have been listening to lots of Gilbert Becaud and Jacques Brel.....I tried to listen to Rufus at Carnegie hall but had to admit to being bored. He just doesn't have the passion in his voice of the real chanson singers. I tried, honest!!

I haven't bought the new Boss album yet and am waiting until I hear a few more tracks. Usually he can do no wrong, but the clip I heard of Magic sounded like a rerun from something I heard 10 years ago. I am hoping to be proved wrong .

I have been reading lots of thriller spillers this week and the keys have not been touched, I am reading Jeff Abotts 'Panic' and it is as good as the pepsi max for an adrenaline wipeout.

I have added a pic I took of the Soviet War Memorial built from marble taken from the Reich Chancellory. It was erected to commemorate the Red Army soldiers who were killed during WW2.