Friday, May 13, 2005

scottie dogs dance

Blogtime again!!!! I have been a bit lax this week, not much time so here is a Friday Special. Listening to Brian Burnette on Radio Scotland with The Brand New Opry. A fantastic selection of tracks as usual, from the Notorious Cherry Bombs to Kenny Chesney.(not one of my favourites if I was being honest)
Hauf Jaiket is playing on Sunday at the Leith Market, so may mosey on down there to buy some cheese and bread and check out his set. The sun has been shining in the garden all week so it has been a 'get the chairs out and pretend we are in Majorca' routine. I also checked out Borders for CD's but they are way too expensive...I know that they have to pay for the staff and the wooden floor and the franchise coffee merchant..but I have yet to purchase anything in that shop. Fopp is still the best for the unexpected bargain. If they can sell a CD for a fiver , have crowds out the door and have a shop in Rose Street, which has probably a high rent there is some dodgy sums going on, The worst has to be HMV I think they must pander to the impulse buyer...'no, I don't care if it costs £15.99 I want it NOW and I can't be arsed to buy it from for £8.99 inc postage.' Anyway this was not supposed to be a rant but it has turned into one.....onto the music for the day.
Listening to The Arlenes..they are indeed fab and the harmonies would have emmylou and gram worried. Here is a stotter and one of my all time favourites

The Arlenes Lonely won't leave me alone mp3
This band did relocate to California and I wish them well coz they really are fantastic.
Well it's late and I have just had a coffee from the brand new Gaggia Titanium and I tell you this is one hell of a cup of coffee..I would go on an advert and babble about how the crema is one to run on your car roof for.Of course the downside is that I may be up for a few hours when I really should be getting some serious shuteye.
This weekend I hope to get a chance to listen to the new Bruce offering and have a look at the visuals as well. Will do a report on my findings soon.
Next up
Tom Thumb part two by the Merry Go Round Singers. mp3
No I have not forgotten all you folk out there dying to hear what happens here you are..a great way to spend a Friday night downloading this little beauty.
And for the bonus ball tonight it's back to Martyn Bennett and a great number . I often think about him and how unfair his death was. This is for him and all the folk going through hard times.He was just a young chiel and this makes me glad to be alive.
Martyn Bennett Liberation mp3
Tomorrow it's off to Lidl for asparagus as it is the season so if you have a store near you check it out.
How about another bonus ball??? I should be in my bed but this is stangely addictive.Here is another Scottie Dog who I think is great. I have seen him in concert many fact at the Stonehaven Folk Festival a few moons ago he was at a gig the band I was in at the time was doing. He came up at the end and said he had really enjoyed my fiddle playing. This made my night as I am a sucker for that kind of thing! Anyway he is a fantabulous fiddle player , singer and writer. This track kind of says it all.
Dougie Maclean Let the People Speak mp3
Now I really am off for some shuteye and say Give Garth Brooks Tomorrow never Comes a listen. It is on the deck here and I am going to rerun it again. He is very maligned, but he has a couple of crackers this one and The Dance. I will see if I can find them and post them up.Ok nighty night for now.


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