Sunday, July 24, 2005

chastity in mexico

It seems that Mick Jagger was accosted by Elder Gene R. Cookon on a flight that originated in Mexico to either Houston or Dallas. This guy was a Mormon and had a lot to say to Mick about chastity and the origin of the species. He has posted up his meeting and it is worth a read...surreal nonsense....the only time i have felt sorry for Mr J having tolisten to this drivel..and he probably paid for a first class ticket too!!
Here is a track that I have been playing several times a day and not tiring off it one little bit...
Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crowe Old Habits Die Hard mp3
I am off for a week to Poland and will not be blogging ......i have stuffed my mp3 player with loads of goodies..from the ramones to travis tritt by way of sam cooke and oasis.....
here is one last track that i have been using to help me pack and make sure that i have everything for every eventuality...but no Book of Mormon I'm afraid...i wonder if i will have such a companion as Mr J who will set me a thinkin about the root of all evil..aka rock n roll..
Toby Keith is a big favourite and I have to post this fabby track from his Greatest Hits...will be back in a week...have a chill out time..adios and cheerio fur the noo...
Toby Keith Stays in Mexico mp3

Friday, July 22, 2005

kalamazoo horse music

just music......nothing else is required....well maybe a picture
Counting Crows Horse Dreamer live mp3
recorded in Kalamazoo for anyone interested.......

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

navaho sidewinder sqeezing texas

Quickest post ever, just come in from a night out in a rather nice drinking establishment and listening to some wild sounds on this new mp3 which is indeed a fine and dandy addition to my life. The first person on the planet that I heard refer to having an iPod was Damon Albarn and I thought at the time it must only be rich bastards that could afford that kind of i aint so sure...and to prove it here is what i am listening to right at this moment..this is an ultimate sidewinder blow out squeeze crusher . You will never want to do household tasks after hearing this will believe life has a higher calling....this is my favourite walking home after 10.00pm track...

Peter Rowan and the Texas Trio Land of the Navaho mp3

Monday, July 18, 2005

reefer mama in bluegrass kiss

Townes Van Zandt is tonights first Handsome Hombre with an early track produced by Cowboy Jack Clement.
Townes Van Zandt Black Jack Mama mp3

Another handsome devil is ..the young Hank the third....or Shelton as he is better known."I listened to my grandfather's music when I was four years old, but at the same time, by the time I got to ten, I was listening to KISS, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Ted Nugent, too," Call it Slacker Swing or Honky Punk this is one "risin'outlaw" as the tattoo on his arm proclaims.He is shunned by Nashville, just like all the greats, Johnny Cash, George Jones, kd lang,David Allan Coe,Waylon and Willie..need I go on? In fine form and as good as his Dad and Grandpappy

Shelton Hank Williams III Kicked Out of Every Bar mp3

Glad that Hoyt has gone down so well with all you folks..why not another drug laden tale of morality? From the same album Della and the Dealer..great is our reefer cowboy this time trying to say no to a 10 pound bag of Coke amongst other tantalising offers. This tiger in the closets' eyes would be more than "gumdrop red" this time round..
Hoyt Axton No No Song mp3
I love bluegrass and have found a great free source right here on the www. Check out Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band.Read this and salute them. "On behalf of The Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band, I, Travis Book, the bass player, give permission for anyone and everyone to post and download our music. We are firm believers that music belongs to everyone, regardless of who
serves as the medium. Frankly we're honored that there are people who want to record and listen to this music. Archivists, we salute you."
Off to get that cup of tea i have been promising myself for the last hour..

Sunday, July 17, 2005

heartbreak dealer in sixcat dognights

This is the real deal..a great pic of Hoyt Axton from a website called sixcats that has a host of info about this forgotten artist.He penned "The Pusher" big for Steppenwolf, and his mother was as talented , co writing "Heartbreak Hotel" for Elvis Presley.
He got a three-year deferred sentence and a $15,000 fine for possessing more than a pound of marijuana, which was discovered from a search of his home in Bitterroot Valley.No wonder he could write such gems as Three Dog Nights "Joy to the World"
I dug out an album that has been kicking around in a box in a cupboard and was taken with the material. I must check out some more. Here is a number I particularly enjoyed after reading about his bust.
Hoyt Axton Della and the Dealer mp3 it's live and the quality isn't great but to make up for that, here is the whackiest countrry tripper I have heard this side of a magic mushroom farm
he must have been out of his tree when he wrote this little beauty
Hoyt Axton Tiger in the Closet mp3
Too hot to blog....c ya later

Saturday, July 16, 2005

village expressos graphically fiddled

wow!!! this feature is fab....can now do the graphics bit too.....spent about an hour fiddling around but it was worth it. I am still not sure about all this copyright malarky but i hope the band won't mind me posting this picture which tickled my toenails. Have been out and about with my new bauble...the 512 mp3 ...unbeleivable how much it holds in such a small space.Here is a track that has been on repeat several times today
The Kropotkins Crazy Hannah MP3

North Mississippi meets techno and punk rock in The Kropotkins' world, producing fantastic mixed swirls of alt techo countrry.
Featuring Memphis singer and guitarist Lorette Velvette, drummers Maureen Tucker (the Velvet Underground) and Jonathan Kane (the Swans and La Monte Young) on bass drum and snare respectively, guitar and bass by Dog (a.k.a. Mark Deffenbaugh, Souixie and the Banshees and John Cale), banjo and violinist Dave Soldier, and violinist Charlie Burnham (James Blood Ulmer trio).
I have been listening to The Killers..not strictly countrry...but inspirational all the same so here is a number from them
The Killers Jenny was a friend MP3
I like the way this band sound uplifted...not like those usual white angsty boy bands...
here is somebody that has appeared at The Village in Leith. Come again!!
Jason Ringenberg The Price of Progress MP3
off to have an expresso and chill...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

kinky fruits eco jam

This might sound arrogant, but I told the terrorist. "You can harm my body, you can harm my mind, but you can't harm my soul. That is mine." Terry Waite

what else is there to say?? It has been a weird week, from the highs of the G8 protests to the lows of eco warriors running amok in Stirling and the madness of the bombs in London. The high of London winning the Olympics and the lows of realising how much it is going to cost each Londoner in extra Council Tax..... I hadn't felt like posting for a few days as i was too numb to think of anything to say let alone post up a few toons.

Pearl Jam ain't really countrry but here is a fantabulous version of Bobby D's I shall be released. I think it stands up in the grand scheme of things and i hope you agree.
Pearl Jam I shall be released live MP3
I have been having a laugh at Martha Stewart's interview or rehabilitation depending on your take in Vanity Fair. She sounds like she has the same PR Team as Joseph Stalin and Michael Jackson. It's worth a look and will have you gasping at some of her outlandish statements eg. her transformation from American icon to convicted felon she characterizes as "a small personal matter blown out of all proportion."
I remember this guy doing a great gig in Glasgow at the Fruitmarket as part of the Big Big Country Festival. I had just read his books and loved the irreverent way he twisted the usual stereotypes. As Kinky says so eloquently 'money may buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail.'
Kinky Friedman Pearls in the Snow Mp3
If you like smart quotes this is your guy, Check out this site with lots of stuff to impress your nearest and dearest.
I am off to Poland for a week soon and am buying a new MP3 player to keep me company. My little 128 has refused to work despite feeding it new batteries. Check out Aldi this week, they have a wee 512 cracker for £39 I will be in that queue I can tell you. If it has a radio so much the better as I want to listen to local stations and get a whiff of Polish toons.
I don't have anything Polish in my CD collection so it will have to be something completely different. This artist has her birthday tomorrow July 13th so happy birthday Rhonda!!
She won a Grammy in 2004, was the International Bluegrass Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year four times and carries a saddlebag full of awards from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America.
Rhonda Vincent Lonesome Wind Blues MP3
She has a great quote worth repeating."You get a $150,000 recording budget in Nashville. You get the best microphones, top producers, your make-up is done for you, the whole works. In bluegrass, you get a budget of about $10,000, and you do everything."

Monday, July 04, 2005

divine shopping in brainy heaven

this is an outrageous story..could it have happened in your town only there was not a reporter on hand????..I don't think I could have made it up if I had tried. The things one gets up to on a girly night with a few bottles of vino....
Anyway talking of weird stuff ,I got a leaflet thrust at me in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Leith on Saturday by an earnest woman. I didn't particularly look at it until I got home. I had a good laugh at what was on it and I would like to share the contents with your good selves. Not being of a religious bent I get fed up with all the charltans and crazies making a buck of people's despair and need to get to the best seats after the coffin lid has slammed down.
Divine Encounter Edingburgh(sic) with Host Apostle Alfred Williams. This guy is something else, he "has been used by God in Various nations of the world and has planted churches in several countries...God uses him in sharp prophetic ministry displaying His power through signs and wonders" still awake??? Apostle Alfred has seen cripples walk, blind eyes open, the dead raised to life and people healed from barrenness.."Wow!!! So anyway you can join in the madness at a God Encounter where you can experience a "Generational blessing destroying the power of curses and spell" (sic) The finale is "Building Overcomers for Tomorrow!" I think I am washing my hair that night and chilling some wine. Incredible to think this kind of nonsense is getting airplay...
Now it's time for a reality check and some damn good toons to blast any Bezelbub back to a time before Adam met Eve let alone Steve..
Paul Westerberg Looking up in Heaven mp3
After he disbanded The Replacements I liked his stuff better and he is credited with starting the alt rock movement..well according to "Rolling Stone"

In the singer songwriter department this guy gets all my oatcakes and cheese...I like this track so much I rewind it a lot on the compilation cassette i have for the car, in between Radio 4.
"I don't write story songs, I write about how we deal with life." Todd Thibaud pronounced (Tee-bo) released his fourth solo record, "Northern Skies" under the 95North label in March 2005. You can get loads of downloads at his website.
Todd Thibaud Out of my head mp3
A song co-written with Irish singer/songwriter Kieran Goss
.Bought a copy of the Big Issue tonight which is celebrating it's 12 year in existence. It has some interesting facts that are worth repeating. For instance what would happen if Britain closed it's door on migrant workers?
Fact 43% of nurses and 31% of doctors entering the NHS were trained outside the UK.Without them hospitals here would have to close. So it is not a brain drain running out of Britain but one out of Africa...something to think about during this week of the G8.
Lastly a bit of fun..
Junior Brown started with classical piano training as a child.He has been involved in surf music, acid rock, and honky tonk and as a sideman..He is backed up by his wife on rhythm guitar, whom he introduces as "the lovely Miss Tanya Rae." He has a listening party posted up at the moment on CMT where you can here the new album "Greatest Hits" worth a checkeroo.
Junior Brown Hula Girl mp3

Sunday, July 03, 2005

golden guys with diamond arrows

A quarter of a million marched against poverty here in Edinburgh and only one person arrested . No, not for a head clashing confrontation with the riot squad but on a drugs charge. There's always one!!! I saw a bit of the live concert from London, and wasn't Madge mad as hell? "Do you want a ferkin revolution?" and "Is this the Golden Circle? I want to see you people dancing down there!" Go girl!! Seemingly this Golden Circle was for the VIPs, you know the Very Insignificant Person's corner...well they are in the grand scheme of things...The "stars" could swig back grog at the Champagne, Wine and Pimm's Bar whilst the crowd had an alcohol ban imposed...apartheid or what???
Here's for all those who made the effort to make poverty history and just remember that Africans send around $200bn a year home to Africa for their families from earnings..four times the current aid budget.
Camper Van Beethoven Good Guys and the Bad Guys mp3

"Well there are good guys and there are bad guys
And there are crooks and criminals
There are doctors and there are lawyers
And there are folks like you and me"
catch the band at their website.

It would seem that MTV join the bad guys..they just couldn't cope with 8 hours of no commercials and cut off bands right in the middle of their sets. Pink Floyd for one were cut off mid stream.These chattering banal VJ's were gibbering away over the music as well. The mighty cogs of capitalism went grinding on even during this incredible event.I guess I am just naive when it comes to changing the world.

Sometimes I like to hear the King of Bluegrass Jimmy Martin. Also known as 'Mr. Good 'N' Country Music,' Jimmy worked with Bill Monroe for five years, helping him write and record such high lonesome classics as "Uncle Pen," "The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake," and "I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning ". After all the indie and rock music of the Live8 is was good to go hear some countrry .Jimmy went to the big bluegrass record store in the sky back in May of this year.Gone but not forgotten.

Jimmy Martin Ocean of Diamonds mp3

His son Lee said upon his death "He loved bluegrass music, country music. Bill Monroe was his idol and someone he patterned himself after musically,"

A band that is getting a lot of press and is frae bonnie scotland is Aberfeldy. Produced by Jim Sutherland who was a member of the Easy Club, but is one hell of an all rounder. Check out his CV at his website.

Aberfeldy Love is an Arrow mp3
"They are a collaboration of like minded folk, who met in Edinburgh's pubs and cafes, and who share an appreciation for making great choral pop music." so says the Rough Trade you agree??

Friday, July 01, 2005

cowboys, devils and griffins

Listening to an awesome track by Mr Bobby D and rather fantastic it is too. It's called 'I'm not there' from the original Basement without further ado here's the real Bob..
Bob Dylan I'm not there mp3
It is fairly quiet so far here in G8ville, no torrid anarchists tearing up the turf or trashing the top soil. All the rooms are taken, even the crappy ones and the post boxes are sellotaped up and B&Q that bastion of British DIY are doing no deliveries in Edinburgh during the G8. Damn, that bathroom I hoped to install this weekend will just have to wait.
Next up is Griffin House whom I heard do an interview and play a few tracks tonight on my fave show Brand New Opry on Radio Scotland with Bryan Burnette. He was fairly mellow and not really americana, but as i liked his stuff here is something i found floating around in freemp3world
Griffin House Tell Me a Lie mp3
He says "I don’t think I really started understanding how to write songs with the acoustic guitar until I started listening to Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie" and in honour, how about a Boss moment...
Bruce Springsteen Black Cowboys mp3
from his latest platter Devils and Dust his nineteenth official release which I recently purchased and would strongly suggest you do likewise.
I have never seen him live to my regret , but his Barcelona Concert on DVD is as good as. Maybe one day....