Tuesday, October 25, 2005

park that dream in candy

This is for Rosa Parks who died today and who sat down to stand up for justice. Along with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Ghandi she showed that you didn't have to be rich and powerful to change the world.It was back in Montgomery in 1955 when the following exchange took place.
"Are you going to stand up?" the bus driver, James Blake, asked.
"No," she answered.
"Well, by God," the driver replied, "I'm going to have you arrested."
"You may do that," Mrs Parks responded.
Her arrest led to a 381-day boycott of the Montgomery bus system, organized by a then unknown Baptist minister, one Reverend Martin Luther King. She said many years later "Without vision, the people will perish, and without courage and inspiration, dreams will die - the dream of freedom and peace".
I Have a Dream Martin Luther Mash UP mp3
It is also the anniversary of John Peel's death.Listen on the link to his first shows courtesy of the good old Beeb. I bet he would be pleased to share the day with Rosa Parks....so for the man who had a HUGE influence on everybody who was anybody here is an ear bleeder just for him.
Jesus and Mary Chain Cut Dead mp3
From Psychocandy which has to have been one of THE defining moments where melody and feedback merged into a raw gloop of bust a blood vessel decibel delight.Play LOUD before the ASBO officers get you.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

courageous licks in montreal

Have you ever heard the like??? musical tits..yes they are just round the corner, or curve...have a read of this..definately makes you think the world is a strange place indeed.
I have been having a lazy day..well, not quite..on a cross trainer in the bedroom giving it big licks..with of course my trusty Tevion mp3 strapped onto me pumping out the grooves as I tried to pump those legs. Now I can surf and watch TV with impunity.
This band is one of my top favourites of all time, Courage of Lassie. I read about them in Uncut magazine and the review was so good I rushed out and bought the album. I listen to them every so often and they sound as fantastic as they did on the last. Hope you enjoy this slice of Canada.
Courage of Lassie In Montreal City mp3

Thursday, October 20, 2005

dishwasher stockpiling nano

DO NOT BUY A DISHWASHER FROM BAUMATIC!!!!! there, I have warned you. Yes, I know this is fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things with mountain sides collapsing, bird flu almost at the shoreline,look at this ad...I can see a lot of folks getting completely freeeeeked out and stockpiling bird flu masks and disposable gloves in the garage . I must say I am a bit freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked out myself and may be this is worth a further look or three. Anyway, to get back to the dishwasher. the biggest load of curdled turd I have ever purchased. Loads of call outs and non existent 'customer care' to sort a wonky door, programmes cacking out , salt rusting the inside and rusty screws to boot. So lets hope the replacement lasts longer than the 3 months the first one did. Rant over, now onto crucial cuts in the decibel department.
I have been reading that there has only been one reported mugging of an iPod...naaah that cant be right..surely folks are just too embarrased to admit they were out and about with that white lead dangling over their jumpers saying 'mug me' scrolled on it, when their new nano got 'chored' as we say here in bonnie Scotland. I like my wee 512 Teviot from Aldi that i got for £32 smackeroonies and is totally indiscreet thank you very much.
This guy was my first BIG pin up after Paul McCartney. He blew me away completely and this is a great fantastic remix...listen Loud! I used to have my bedroom walls covered in his pictures cut carefully out of the Jackie magazine..such a taste barometer it was too.
T Rex Get it On mp3
I was also into a lot of American sounds too, and thinking of Graham Nash made me remeber this gal and how much the grooves got a bashing in the first shared flat i stayed in. Aah many nights reading Germaine Greer, Jean Paul Satre and thinking ' Hey, we have joined the Grown Ups' If only...
Joni Mitchell For Free mp3
check this site for loads of info.Here's a great quote "The '80s were particularly difficult for me, between illness and greed. Everybody close up on me betrayed me for money. Everybody. There was not an exception. From the government of California to my bank, everyone robbed me. My business manager. My personal manager. My housekeeper!" Guess it can get rough even at the top.

Monday, October 17, 2005

madness tapas in lead

Home again after a fantastic time in Andalucia..ye cannae whack it..a glass of Rioja everyday and a chill out mountain of tapas..why don't we ever get this kind of thing on Princess Street??? Anyway, whilst i was sunning myself and walking in the sierra it seems the world is falling apart at a speed i can hardly comprehend. Am I mad to think that the bird flu is heading THIS WAY and there isn't a damn thing you can do, plus all those earthquakes and floods. If I was religious, which I am not, I would be checking out that Book of Revelations for a few more clues. So here I am tapping away on this laptop but I dont have a scooby what to do if the lights in the city go out....so all I can do is play the music and 'live like you were dyin 'to quote a hunk in a cowboy hat.
Here is Graham Nash from 1974 at Wembley .I still love CSNY and this track is the first I ever heard by any member of the band. Kind of still relevant today I'd say.
Graham Nash Military Madness mp3

And for something completely different. Does anyone remember this band? "...a smoking, surprising, commanding combo... Nobody roars, does a jig or a Balkan boogie quite like Boiled in Lead."-- Minneapolis StarTribune (1998) I got a cassette of one of their albums back in the 80's and quite radical it sounded then. I still have a soft spot for them.
Boiled in Lead Son Oh Son mp3

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

rioja tapas and countrry

In an internet cafe in Cazorla having just enjoyed a couple of cafe solos and now gearing up for some mega tapas and the obligitory Rioja. Took a lot of Countrry Toons with me and have been enjoying Gillian Welch, Toby Keith and Willie and Waylon. I took some Simone with me to get into the foreign ambience but got bored kinda quickly and that CD was zapped off pronto and good ol Dolly jumped onto the deck. I don't know if anyone else is playing countrry music over the rooftops here but hopefully my Missionary role here will mean a major upsurge in sales.
Holidays are great, I haven't missed my laptop and with this cafe I can excercise my digits and check out all the griff. Off to Granada for a coupla days next week for a final blow out.
Music in the cafe/bars is what you get the world over..at the moment in the background is a funky version of Stings 'I'll be watching you' where the lyrics have been changed to 'I'll be missing you' Takes the stalker edge off it I guess.
No tracks posted up as my music head is back in Bonnie Scotland. So imagine you can download these tracks.
Dolly Parton Jolene
Bruce Springsteen 10th Avenue Freeze Out
Bob Dylan Sara
Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music