Thursday, May 31, 2007

budapest boulevard

Been too too long since the last post..what have I been doing? checking out the Leith Festival for starters.. check out Alison Miller who published a fab book called Demo by Penguin and was up for the Saltire Prize last year. She is doing a thing tomorrow night at Lambs House just round from Sofie's Bar..should be a great night.Otherwise I am checking out flights to get back to Budapest..what a city..I plan another trip to the thermal baths...fantabulous.

i bought a set of earphones to upgrade my crappy set that I had been making do with..check these guys out..locals to Leith but with an international attitude..soundwise and I am enjoying a great set of plugs with a great price to match.listening to rufus, sara evans,scorpions and edith piaf..having a 'kitchen night' right now..that is playing music on the laptop in the kitchen whilst having some food and of course the obligatory glass or three of is a track that has been tickling my ears for the past few days enjoy!!! an oldie but a hell of a goldie..i just LOVE this track..partyben is something else..i am a sucker for mashups..lets me listen to music in a new way . I always was a jukeboxgrrl but this is taking it through the wire..

partyben boulevard of broken songs mp3

these mp3's are only for evaluation purposes and if you like any of the music you hear on this blog BUYTHEMUSICSUPPORTTHEARTISTS

ps.check this out ..fab the glasses but hey the kid can tubthump....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

rock buda

Just back from a week in Budapest. What a city...still there in my mind. Went to the Statue Park and chilled in the Thermal Baths as well as a trip down the Danube and a ride up into the Buda Hills at night to marvel at the city lights. Didn't hear much music but had my trusty mp3 and rocked out to Hungarian gypsy music.