Wednesday, May 04, 2005

deep fried donnas with dental floss

Only a few more days till's getting intense....posters up everywhere for the SNP and Scottish Socialists...they both must think they have a chance here in the Republic of Leith. I got my card a few days ago and resisted selling my vote on ebay which has indeed been done by other folks. I also noticed on ebay the other night that someone got 40 odd smackeroonies for their hubby's false teeth, only worn once ...yuckaroooooooooo i must remember to keep my old dental floss and of course those ear buds...used of course...only once.
As to this election, with having this lurgy and feeling all flued up I have not been giving it my full attention. The theme seems to be 'trust'. As if a politician ever told the whole you??? we all disemble to some extent. If your boss says 'hey, I just bought the new Gareth Gates album would you like a burn?' Do you tell the truth and say 'God, what posessed you to buy this peice of trashtwaddle and why the hell do you think I would be remotely interested!'
No, you say, 'well thank you very much and i can't wait to get home to hear how his 'career' is developing and put me down for any Gareth Nights you are planning in the near future.' So I kind of expect politicians not to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....on that subject what did happen to Tommy Sherridan and him taking the News of the World to court for slander?
Anyway, can't stand that Michael Howard, what would his dad think about him banging on about immigrants given he was one himself. He has a Bushism that i like. He once exclaimed 'I know what causes crime, criminals!'
Derek Lewis: said "The smile of Michael Howard has the substance of the Cheshire cat, the menace of Uriah Heep and the sincerity of Bob Monkhouse."
Lastly on the ghastly tories the Sunday Mirror claims the slogan 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?' was lifted from an Australian kiddies tv show 'Bananas in Pyjamas'. Says it all really.
"Are you thinking what we're thinking? Well, I don't know, what are you thinking? If I was thinking what you're thinking, why would you have to ask? "
Tony likes to stay with it despite being out of touch with waiting times at doctors surgeries and banging on about health whilst school meal allowances are less than a packet of crisps. It took that geezer Jamie Oliver to shame the government into admitting that prisoners get a bigger allowance for food than school kids. I have banged on about this before and i will do so again....
now to todays tasty morsels..i am staying away from anything sugary sweet and instead will serve up something a lot more wholesome and long lasting....hmmm...let's have a think
Donna Kay Honeys and the Cowpokers Jesus, Jack Daniels and a Vibrator

The Donna Kays are one of the trashiest outfits this side of a ball of bale twine.I like the way they can snarl around a tune and even here in bonnie scotland i want to get down and trashy with a deep fried mars bar and a can of scottish nectar..Irn-Bru.This band need serious attention check them out.

Senor Coconut Smoke on the Water is certainly a new take on an old song...sway to the Latin rhythms of the grooviest party record since Senor Coconut's homage to Kraut robot-gods Kraftwerk on El Baile Aleman. The Orchestra really swings with its interpretations of classic cuts like "Smoke On The Water", "Riders On The Storm", and "Beat It" If you like your rock with a dash of smarm and poise..this is your man.


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Didnt know that Blair was such a good dancer and so easy to control.

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