Monday, August 29, 2005

twineball freakout

Just switched on the TV and had to laugh . A murder series has just come on and a voice has just told us "there may be some disturbing scenes". Hey no kidding...I didn't think there was any blood and gore at a murder scene but thanks to the BBC I now know this is indeed the case.
So how about some gruesome music to celebrate my new knowledge.Jimmy Cross had a fab hit in 1965 that hit no.92 on the Billboard chart.A real piss take on Leader of the Pack...I won't tell you the ending..just listen and enjoy.

Jimmy Cross I want my baby back mp3
If that freaked you's a bit of madcap fun. I love this track and have played it to death, excuse the pun. Cornball countrry comin up.

Weird Al Yankovic The Biggest Twine Ball in Minnesota mp3

released as track 13 of his UHF/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack released in 1989

Sunday, August 28, 2005

blootered skooshed and smug

I was at a friends farewell last night and met up with a host of auld pals and weel kent faces that i had not seen in at least 12 years. Apart from a few more gray hairs around the bonce and a bit more padding it was just like old times. Well, almost. This time we didn't all get blootered , stonkin, sloshed or skooshed. I woke up feeling very smug with myself, had muesli and didn't have to add a wee chaser to my coffee to get the brain cells to find each other....I was asking what was the music of choice these days and it was inferkincredible how many quoted 'roots and americana' that is countrry to you and me.Anyway, in honour of this wonderful phenomenon that no one could have predicted here is a couple of cracking 'americana' aka countrry tracks.

Drive By Truckers Never Gonna Change mp3

This comes from the fabulous Dirty South album released in 1994.
This next track is from Thad Cockrell and Caitlin Cary singing together. Is he better than Ryan Adams???? I still have a soft spot for that wild card and can't think of a bum track RA has done since leaving Whiskeytown.

Caitlin and Thad Second Option mp3

Friday, August 26, 2005

travelling retro father

What if you had only one CD on holiday...what would it be??? Bit of a difficult choice I must would have to be a compilation...i was into them way before shuffle ipods became a 'new concept'.
I have been going back and revisiting a lot of stuff that i used to be into and this is one band that i think reminds me of the music of the early seventies.Three brothers and their cousin. The brothers were raised by their father, a travelling, alcoholic preacher. They roamed the Southern States, spreading the gospel whilst living out of a car. They played the blues, copying heroes like the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. With their long hair, beards and retro clothing, they even looked like them.Yes it's the ...
Kings of Leon Molly's Chambers mp3

Bonus ball has to be a classic track from the southern band of choice....I had this on vinyl but of course chucked it out by mistake in a LP lobotomy moment....however here they are..

Allman Brothers In Memory of Elizabeth Reed live mp3

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

barrowhead tanyas and slugging companions

Well, Allison and Steve have done it....7th time for him and 2nd for her. So here is a couple of celebratory tracks for the happy couple. I saw Allison Moorer here in Edinburgh and it was one of the gigs of a lifetime. Likewise, Steve Earle's gig at the Barrowlands in Glasgow...where he did a blistering version of 'Copperhead Road'

Allison Moorer Set You Free mp3

Steve Earle Brand New Companion live mp3

Lets hope this lasts for both of them...we need another Johnny and June but it may end up as Glen and Tanya
I loved Glen's take on country and was shocked to hear that he and Tanya were constantly slugging each other throughout their affair....mind you...this is sing it and live it...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

X sparkie psycho village

Sitting watching the X Factor...lots of desperate people out there..God most of these folk need a Community Care Assessment and a roll of gaffa tape.........nobody wants to be a plumber or a sparkie let alone work god forbid in a shop. The programme is worth catching just to see how many real nutcases are out there. Pete Doherty looks talented compared to this lot.Chico has just been told by Simon Cowell he was 'loathsome'.
Lets have some REAL Stars....
The Ramones Teenage Lobotomy mp3.

Another band that i haven't heard in a long time but always rated was this one.
Husker Du Real World mp3

Bob Mould is quite a guy,without this band I doubt there would have been any Nirvana. Kurt might have become a librarian or tyre fitter.

Lastly I will throw up a countrry killer

Roy Rogers Gay Ranchero mp3
It was all so innocent in those days....long before the Village People got into that macho checked shirt and the word 'chapps' had only one meaning.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

whitewash chilled bampots

Can you believe this???
I am obviously in the wrong job as probably you are too.

WHITEHALL departments are routinely paying senior management consultants more than £2,000 for a single day's work, startling new government figures reveal.
IT consultancies working on government projects cost the taxpayer an average of £2,258 each for a day's work. This comes after the government is shedding 100,000 Civil Servant jobs...something is rotten again in the state of Whitehall.This kind of thing makes me really angry so I will chill out now rather than going off on a BIG RANT!!!!

Oasis where did it all go wrong mp3

I have always been a HUGE Oasis fan, can't explain it at all, why them and not Blur, Liam and not Pete Doherty...anyway, I like this track and it is for those bampots that have agreed those vast sums of our dosh going AWOL.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

wig out H bomb

had a heap of hassle trying to use yousendit over the past few days so am trying out sendmefile and seeing if this means i don't get that watching a kettle boil syndrome.
H Bomb Ferguson Good Lovin mp3

read all about this crazy blues shouter with a pechance for wearing a wig. Someone said “If you could combine the vocal style of blues shouter Big Joe Turner, the unbridled showmanship of Little Richard and the head gear of a well-aged Rick James, the end result would be something like H-Bomb Ferguson.

Friday, August 12, 2005

angel surfers mash the waves

Alison Krauss and Alan Jackson And the Angels Cried mp3
What do folks that are into Alison K listen to???
check on this funky music map.

Stanley Brothers Death is only a Dream mp3 No you're not dreaming..some free downloads of the boys right here!!!

Jimmy Shand v 50 Cent 50 Bluebells Mashup mp3 Jimmy Shandrix Experience!!!! Jimmy had no groupies but boy could he thump his box..

Hawaiian Astro Boys Tidal Wave mp3 check these Belgian surfers!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

acid channels rain flicker

Bought one of those digi topbox sets for £30 today and despite lots of channel flicking Bruce was right
."We settled in for the night my baby and me
We switched 'round and 'round 'til half-past dawn
There was fifty-seven channels and nothin' on"
However, the picture is sharp as a tack and channel 5 is no longer a slurry puddle.
Been checking out one of my fave tracks ever by John Fogerty and find it has been covered by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Bonnie Tyler , Boney M and The Ramones. You will be relieved that I ain't gonna post the Boney M version and hopefully pleased by this version.
The Ramones Have you ever seen the rain mp3

From the 1993 album Acid Eaters. This is a countrrypunk version if i ever heard one
The Ramones are the most covered artists after The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Bet you didn't know that?? Well above Elton John at 32 and Frank Sinatra at 87.
A bit of serious interactive fun...try your luck with the Ramones name generator..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

heel drums and tobacco violins

Ever had noisy neighbours that you have felt no ASBO on earth would ever sort out??? Well here is your salvation..a REVENGE CD to sort out just these kinda low life. Play at top volume and piss them off bigstyle. Here is the first 20 tracks.
1. Drill. 2. Party (at least 200 People).3. Orgasm (Outstanding).4. Train.5. Drum (Played by a Child).6. Inhuman Screams.7. Walking (High Heels).8. Domestic Squabble.9. Doors Banging.10. Bowling.11. Unhappy Dog.12. Practicing a violin. 13. Traffic Jam.14. Garbage Truck.15. A screaming newborn baby16. Phone Ringing. 17. Ball Game.18. Pigeons.19. Spring house cleaning. 20. Cock-a-Doodle-Do!
XCELLENT...check out on

Here is a toon I have been enjoying the last few days
Hank Penny and his Radio Cowboys Tobacco State Swing mp3
He never was as well known as Spade Cooley or Bob Wills Hank is the real deal and as essential in the development of western swing.He sang, played guitar and banjo and didn't take shit from no one. This meant he didnt make as many friends in the business and missed out on lots of opportunities.

Monday, August 08, 2005

crack spam with urgent dummies

this is a cracker...i dont usually open spam but this one i was intrigued with...un****beleivable how this guy thinks this will hook me in to parting with my nail bar and breast implant savings..

"Sir/Madam, I am a consultant and I have client who wants me to source for properties that needed to be sold in your country. The category of the properties should be landed properties with special indication to Industrial , Estate, Houses, and Land, and companies I therefore seek your urgent assistance to source for these properties on behalf of my client because he has set aside huge sum of money for the pruchase of the properties. My client is a one time former president of a nation now in exile. he has agreed to offer us 10% of the total sum to be spent on the properties. if you are interested please do contact me as soon as possible. please do endevour to contact me immediately. In-anticipation to hear from soon. Paul Clark "
Well Paul..this aint one chick that is getting her bank account details ready for you...this nail bar and nip and tuck shop is where the readies are going...
here is a great track to get you in the mood for the weekend...
senor coconut showroom dummies mp3

Saturday, August 06, 2005

fashion guzzler in portobello skid

This is where it's at ....the only place to experience the delights of a sausage roll and cheese pastie after a night on the bevvy..guzzled down with either a pint of milk or a couple of cans of local nectar known as Irn-bru.This particular establishment is in Portobello, on the coast just outside Edinburgh. if you need a bit of sustanance on the long road home .check it out....a fab place to compare fashion 'must have items' as well..don't get left this has inspired this post of Merle . Been on furlough today and been walking on a psycho track...well it really is cycle path but I heard it like this..and enjoying the muscle streeeeeeeeetch..Fords is one of these Scottish Institutions a curse and a blessing.. Merle Haggard Skid Row mp3

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

slockit sex detective

Back in Bonnie Scotland after a week in Poland and a great time I had too. I would recommend at least a 512 mp3 player for a week. I listened to my 115 tracks on random and didnt get bored..unlike with the 128. My favourite toons were the following..Hope you enjoy them too. If you like them, remember to support the artists and buy the albums. These tracks will only be up for 7 days purely for evaluation purposes then they vamoose into the stratosphere...
Although not strictly anything..this particular song had me gagging for more from these boys. Formed here in Bonnie Scotland this track is almost too eery and voyeristic in it's lyrics but gritty and realistic at the same time.They grew up in a small town called Falkirk which they branded boring and lifeless, full of drunks and drug addicts whose social pastimes were sex and fighting. One local lass Avril Denholm 16 strongly disagreed saying'
"Falkirk is a good place. The nightlife is good and there is no problem with drugs or fighting." She obviously never goes out on on a Friday night in Scotland .........just's a great place!! But having been in Krakow where folks drink beer but nobody was spewing up and challenging you to a 'knifie fight ootside' was a real treat indeed.It's a fab place loads of great architecture and ambience...check it out!!
Arab Strap Love Detective mp3

Alasdair Fraser is a cracking fiddler and I saw him years ago in Aberdeen Folk Club..originally from this neck of the woods he has made a big splash in the US and is better known there.He performs in concert as a soloist; with pianist Paul Machlis; with Scottish guitarist Tony McManus; with cellist Natalie Haas, and with his band Skyedance, which features new music arranged for fiddle, pipes, flute, keyboards and percussion. In great demand as a dance musician, he plays for Scottish country dancing with pianist Muriel Johnstone. He also directs the 60-member San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers orchestra.Definately worth a checkeroo if you like heuchter teuchter toons.

Alasdair Fraser Slockit Light mp3
Made me think of home whilst enjoying the Polish hospitality...