Tuesday, July 22, 2008

orange novak

What's a good book to read if you are on the bus in the morning and can't stand the shoogle of the engine that gives you a cornea burn??? The Metro newspaper kind of hits the mark but I reckon trash the print and throw your ears to caution, ramp up and pump it up..if you can find a player that will work with vista. I bought a tevion mp4 player recently, a little neat dude of a kit and after a weekend of trying to get windows media player to recognise the little darling had to call a halt to the frustration. I checked the message boards and forums and was shocked to find it isn't just the tevion that has problems calling home, seems there are lots of players that don't work with wmp or vista. So I had to reluctantly return it to the shop, anyone else had this problem?

well T in the Park looked pretty much of a job lot watching it on bbc iplayer. Maybe if you were there it might of raised my blood pressure. I am not a big fan of all those frantic boy bands giving it angsty gloom. I fast forwarded through almost to the end and caught a bit of the Prodigy..nae bad and REM who looked caught in one big time warp...Orange Crush with a megaphone...ho hum.....anyway here is a track that has been circling around in my synapses

eddie novak delores mp3


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