Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Little by Hobotalk

little little hobotalk

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paul McCartney and Linda sing Bluebird

this is more like it...thinking of you Paul right now..

vinyl rams

Poor Macca!! Has it come to this..slugging it out in front of folks like me. He was my first pin up all those years ago and I have kept a left eye on his career and to my mind is a pretty straight ahead guy. I always thought there would be 'trouble at mill' when HM came along. I guess he was needing a change of scene and boy did he get it! I am not a huge Beatles fan and kind of left them after my teen years as I thought all that yellow submarine stuff a bit boring. However, Ram was my first ever independent purchase on the vinyl front. I worked in a steak house and that was what I spent my first wage on. I haven't listened to it in years but whenever I hear one of the tracks my memory board kicks in and I go back to the bedroom years. I used to lie on my bed with the speakers either side of my head and blast it out. This was of course before iPods and even decent headphones, so improvisation was really important.
I currently don't own any stuff by him but he will always have a place in my music heart. Give it as good as you get Paul. I am rootin for you all the way.
Here is a great website with lots of info about the lad.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

fender heaven

Just heard the sad news that Freddy Fender has gone to the great countrry coral in the sky..I loved the fact that he sang in Spanish during the Nashville years when all the record companies wanted the bland corporate sound. He will be sadly missed along with Johnny and June and all the others up there in hillbilly heaven. Thinking of you Freddy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

cool saddle sunshine

Back in the saddle after a cool chill out 2 weeks in sunny Spain. It fair does you good to get away from your usual sofa and spend the time on another sofa or barstool enjoying the tapas and vino in glorious sunshine. Ye Gods...this is what we work for ...and I managed to read at last East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I was gutted to read the synopsis of the film, I have never seen it and after reading the book boy am I glad I never have. I HATE it when the storyline is twisted to such an extent that it is really a totally different thing. Read the book and enjoy one of the best reads EVER!!
Anyway, whilst away I loaded up my MP3 player, not an IPod i hasten to add, never been too struck by the sheep like quality of them and those god awful white headphones...I always wonder what these appleheads have on their players as I see them rush around in work clothes with the white lead dangling down dangerously and wonder if any of them ever get caught up in an Isadora moment??
Enough bitchin about that and on to what the hell i was listening to!! Bob Dylan's Modern Times and Duncan Dhu's greatest Spanish i may add..better than Shakira any day. I also listened to Coldplay, a band that has passed me by until now, I quite enjoyed the white boy angst when i was cleaning my teeth and looking out over the balcony and admiring the 1,00000 plus olive trees and the fabulous sierras...but I did turn it off and say I preferred Raul Malo and his life affirming exuberance.
I am going to deviate completely from the usual mix of countrry roots and blueseroo and post up this little gem. If you liked the punkslamglam days before the big boys stepped in you will of course LOVE the New York Dolls who I have heard have just got back together. Not the original line up but at least two of the here is a ffffaaaabbbb little track from the MAN Johnny
Johnny Thunders Play with Fire mp3