Thursday, May 05, 2005

tom thumb v dancing blair

Thanks to all of you who have been a posting up is indeed a buzz to check them out!! Fire of Love has asked if I saw Steve Young who played here recently in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I didn't must make a point of checking out the gig scene a bit better. One of the gigs I missed and continue to kick my bahoochie over was young Van Zandt playing at The Village just round the corner...un ferkin believable that I was in that night cooking an aubergine tartin....
Here is a link to the best story i read yesterday..could only happen in scotland oh how a life can so easily be destroyed..notice the emphiasis is on HIS life. My other point is if the woman was so shocked and distressed, why did she wait for him to return?? why did she not hot foot it out of the room??? maybe something got lost in the translation.
I have been out to vote and the polling station was fairly busy. I asked my 12 year old neice if she could vote today would she? 'Absolutely' was the reply..especially after Emily Davidson threw herself in front of the King's horse at the 1913 Derby and was killed. It was a sobering thought, how folks had fought to get the vote and how nowadays we often take it for granted.More folks voting for Pop Idol than at an election.
I always stay up for the results and by one oclock tonight about 150 results should be in. This should give more than an indication who will form the next government. Will it be Dancing Blair?? yes I reckon it will.

To get things rolling here is a fandabbydozy piece of aural candy from
The Merry Go Round Singers Tom Thumb part one. Listen out for further instalments over the next few days.I have searched for info on the group but to no avail.
There was a casette that was played the most on a band tour i was on across Europe one summer. I remember this track playing over the fabulous souped up speakers in the old Dodge van as we travelled through Dortmund. I had made up lots of cut up/mix up tapes for the journey. This was well before the iPod discovery of mixing random tracks. So we would go from Tackhead to Ali Bain followed by The Slits then onto this by the Johnson Mountain Boys.
Johnson Mountain Boys Tomorrow I'll Be Gone mp3
This is how I like my countrry no sound of the nashville strings here.

Ohia up next with a lonesome number. This band is awesome and you can also check them out here.
Songs:Ohia Captain Badass mp3
Lastly the bonus ball for today the Boss himself off his spanking new offering.I have had it blasting away throughout the house. I have pretty much all his official releases and reckon he still is indeed the Boss.
Bruce Springsteen Long Time Comin mp3


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