Thursday, May 26, 2005

crazywhitechairs tangled in the ghetto

hey ho here we go!! blogeroo time. I have had a break for a couple of days as i was way too tired to think of anything worth sharing with the globe. However, Big Rock Candy Mountain has sent through a me'me that sounds like a lot of fun.
Here are my thoughts on what's with me at the moment.
total music files on my computer
If each file weighed 128 sugar lumps I would own many plantations of sugarcane and be a zillionaire several times..

Last 4 cd's I bought 3 is not enough
Bruce Springsteen Devils and Dust
Jim Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today
Further Beyond Nashville Various Artists
Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band The Mountain
I seem to like collaborations....
song playing right now
Freakwater My Old Drunk Friend
5 Songs that I listen to a lot, or means a lot to me.
Riders On the Storm The Doors
Bob Dylan Tangled up in Blue
Elvis Presley In the Ghetto
Emmylou Harris Boulder to Birmingham
Leonard Cohen Famous Blue Raincoat

I could go on...but I will pass this meme across to Enchilada....lets see what he comes up with!
I have been looking again at Victor Bockris' book about Lou Reed. It is well worth a delve into. I saw Lou perform at an outdoor concert in Barcelona a few years back. He seemingly insisted according to the local paper that the gig be a sit down affair with chairs. He also asked that the chairs not be fixed to each other in anyway.This was because he was interested in seeing what would happen.... Well, you can imagine, all those folks queuing in the melting sun getting more agitated about getting a good seat. When the gate opened, there was a surge of bodies and initially everyone did indeed behave. We managed to get fairly good seats near the front. Lou took ages to come on and the crowd were getting a bit restless to say the least. As the dark descended and Lou appeared the crowd became even more excited and stood up to get a better view. As he blasted into Waiting for the Man a chair came hurtling through the air missing the guy in fronts' head by a millimetre. After that a free for all ensued with folks getting chairs crashing into their backs and folk crashing out and trying to get to the medics. We managed to escape with little damage and retire to a bar to watch the show on a big screen. So rereading this book made me wonder if indeed this was the case or whether it was just a press hype story.The jury is definately out on this one.
Here is one of his best
Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side mp3
Last night on the tv was the story of Agnetha from Abba. She seemingly married a stalker. It all went horribly wrong and what she was thinking is anybody's guess. The programme was pretty crap and disjointed. The best bit was the music and just to remember how damn popular the band was and still is. I despaired this year of the Eurovision song contest. I had to turn it off after 10 min. Total twaddle. Abba were indeed the best of the lot.Here is one for her and all the folk who are trying to make sense of it all..
Ryan Adams Dreaming Free mp3
Here is a couple of extra tracks for listening to when you are jogging round the bed
Oasis Stay Young mp3 the new album is being slated for being stuck in a jangly beatle moment. I don't mind I rather like it. I also liked Liam's comments on bands of the moment..particularly this one
"It's Charlotte Church for me, man,” he stated. “She could be the next Liam. She's got a great voice and she f**king has it. She knows how to get f**king hammered and she freaks people out."
Crazywhitehorsesmashup mp3
i hope i got the info on this track right...its one of the best that i have been listening to this week whilst out and about on my Lucky Mp3. It has jammed and I can't get the tracks off it and change them. Will i be a slave to fashion and buy an IPod or will I wait and see how the technology stacks up.I miss my MP3 though. Here is the first track i ever downloaded
The Ramones Teenage Lobotomy mp3
and a fine and dandy sound it made too.


Blogger impossible songs said...

head on fire? i hope you don't mean me, I'm watery headed.

8:04 pm  
Blogger IanB said...

Like the blog, thanks for your nice comments at Retrobabe!Although I'm afraid that wasn't Kathy Kirby singing, although I do have an old 45 of hers called Secret Love, perhaps I should post that !!? I've blogrolled your site @ retroBabe! anyhow ...

Cheers IanB

8:31 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

glad to hear fire engines required at impossible songs! and yes i did realise after i had posted that it was indeed only a pic and not a hit of KK...tooquick on the send button...however, if it makes you want to post her then thats well ok!!! will blogroll you too!

12:18 am  

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