Thursday, March 30, 2006

waggle yer wallies

Out for a glass of vino in a NO SMOKING PUB!!! wow was it good, so Scotland isnae such a bad wee country after all. To celebrate here is some razzlin dazzlin skirrls to waggle yer kilt to, and failing that yer wallies. For those who don't know what they are it's your false teeth...
Shooglenifty Venus in Tweeds mp3

Monday, March 27, 2006

swell suddens

God first Buck Owens, now Nikki Sudden, and he did indeed seem to go suddenly. I had a few of his tracks particularly stuff when he was with the Swell Maps. They were the DIY kings and I remember being amazed at the paper sleeves for their singles totally devoid of corporate shenanigans.
His official website has lots of info worth a read and is generous with mp3s.
Here is a cracker
Nikki Sudden High Lonesome mp3
Have a listen and a dram..and wish him a safe passage to the big gig in the sky.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

drinking diamonds

Not long to go now...only a few hours...6.00am is looming large..Yee Haa. Tomorrow will include a walk and a visit to a local pub that is usually off limits because of the thick smoke...I can't believe it is actually going to will report on how it all goes. I have been listening to Roger McGuinn ex Byrds and enjoying his take on ballads and folk songs.He has been posting for ages and has a fine collection up for perusal. If you like the Harry Smith Collection then this will rock your hammock, loads of diamonds for everyone.
McGuinn's Folk Den

and just to whet your appetite here is a particularly catchy number
Roger McGuinn Follow the Drinking Gourd mp3

He also has a blog which is worth a read as well. And for all you Byrds fans, have a look at this site dedicated to all things Byrd.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

reeking vomit in smoked haddock

It ain't long before the Great Big stub OUT and going out for a pint or a dram will no longer be a miserable experience. I was out last week and had to put my hands up and make a quick exit as I could hardly breathe and my eyes felt like velcro pads had just scoured across them at 1222244 miles per hour, so I for one 'cannae wait'. I hear that lots of folk will be staying at home watching sky and smoking as much as before, but I for one would prefer to check out the rest of humanity.
So here is to the end of a clothes and hair reeking of second third and fourth hand smoke, to no ashtray competing with your drinks coaster and that couple that love to light up during courses and smoke you out whilst you are still on your smoked haddock starter. RANT OVER......honest.. I will be out on Sunday celebrating in a smoke free environment. Of course you don't know what the smoke was hiding...I guess the next thing to ban will be vomit stained carpets and greasy backed BO chairs that will come into their own when the smoke fumes vacate the premises.

Anyway to change direction if I can get to work, their must be some varmints in the programme as it keeps chucking me out...
so you will have to check out which mp3s are downloadable from this page
This is a band that have been around for some time...longer than some heavy smokers and if you like the bandana scuzzy highway Americana sound you will LOVE this crew..check out the cravindogs and blast it up coz after Sunday music's the only thing you will be able to take a blast off in a Scottish public space

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

putin sheebang

Amazing to think this blueskies blog has been up for a whole year...I remember my first post and struggling to work out how to post links and calling on the help of enchilada, dylan gaughin and fire of love. Not forgetting of course Big Rock Candy Mountain who was the first blog to link me.Thanks again guys ! Now I have to work out how to spread the uploaded photos throughout the post rather than bunching up at the top....
Whilst roaming around I came across this guy who has a great blues voice and although from the US is huge in France. His site allows a complete download of his album Full Moon released in 1991.It comes down at 128kbps and has good clarity. I hate listening to stuff at 32 kbps it really sucks.
Spencer Bohren is the name and I have been enjoying the whole sheebang this evening, very mellow indeed.
Spencer Bohren Full Moon right here

and today's bonus ball because I have been reading about Putin and the break up of the Soviet Union, here are Muroma, a male group from Russia singing songs from the Southern and Central regions. I like to keep my music tastes eclectic and this bunch are worth turning up the volume and getting out the vodka and caviar for. I had hoped to post a picture or two but the function isn't you will just have to imagine a russian bottle of vodka..

Muroma Russian folk songs and tunes

Saturday, March 18, 2006

rakish television

Whilst having a look on Dylan Gaughins blog 'Pimps of Gore' I came across a site that he has highlighted that is just too good to mention only once. RTE Television has such a wealth of concerts on line that I have spent the last couple of hours catching up with Rufus Wainwright, The Thrills, Steve Earle, Mike Scott and the Waterboys and even James Blunt. These shows are full length and give a real insight to the range of material these artists showcase. I sometimes forget to check out the visuals for artists I like and I will now be returning time and time again to this site for a front row seat with a perfect view and top notch sound.
Check out these great shows here

South by Southwest is in full flight and the BBC have special features worth a checkeroo as well.
One of my fave bands are appearing The Guillemots. Check out their website for free clips and mp3s
I have just watched the end of the rugby and it seems Ireland have won their game against England, and given it was St Patricks Day yesterday how about this from a band I came across whilst surfing but can find no information about.

Rankin and Courage Rakish Paddy mp3

Friday, March 17, 2006

county crackin satisfaction

This band are pretty ace and have the right mix of bluegrass and Americana. Short post tonight as I have a copy of Vanity Fair I want to read before getting some shuteye.
Chatham County Line have a cracking website with music to bang a hole in your floor.
Chatham County Line You Won't be Satisfied that Way mp3

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

upload download

Sometimes you come across a voice that you would run across a busy street getting knocked down by a truck to hear, this is one of those voices. You have to check out this guy...a mix of ryan adams and tom waits..check out his website and mp3s that you can listen to at your leisure. Will the RIAA target blogs next I wonder?? Looks like those two guys that leaked Ryan Adams album could get eleven years..yet will it stop downloading? In fact bands seem to get less per track for a download than if it appears on CD. What I do is if I like a track I tend to then buy the album and tell all my friends how great it is and hope they buy it too!! The only folks losing out is the fat cats and share holders who would be better putting their money in alternative technology. Anyway the debate marches on...enjoy this guy whilst you ponder your options to file share or not, blog or not...

Cameron McGill Long Way to California mp3

Monday, March 13, 2006

river machine

Been checking out the South by Southwest website and there are some faboulous bands with free music up for your perusal.Mark Erelli is worth a deek.He has a lot of free mp3's on his site and a cover of a Neil Youngs Harvest Moon as this months download.
Mark Erelli Bend in the River mp3

I listen to a lot of Americana but also a lot of other stuff too, so here is one helluva blast. I used to play this at FULL VOLUME and freak out the neighbours before thankfully ASBO became a part of the English language. I saw the band at the Reading Festival and they were the best act on that year. Joan Armatrading was on in the afternoon but i was in a tent with a new friend and missed the whole of her set. This was just before she became a household name, but hey, getting to know this guy from Liverpool seemed more important! Luckily I saw Dr Feelgood who told us the winds of change were blowing through the stagnant jurassic park bands such as Yes who I kind of slept through on the last night.

Hawkwind Silver Machine mp3
Not quite the Allman Brothers but hey, Lemmy and Stacia made it all worthwhile

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Acoustic weapon

This band are indeed a find, whilst trailing around on the net they literally jumped out at me and grabbed me with the rough acoustic sound reminding me of Gram, The Byrds and Steve Earle. What do you think? If you have the greenbacks you can catch them at the South by South west festival this year.
South Austin Jug Band Dark and Weary World mp3

Here is a guy who I used to love when he was with The Meat Puppets, Curt Kirkwood. He is another gravel voiced handsome hombre and this cut is addictive.
Curt Kirkwood Beautiful Weapon mp3

Saturday, March 11, 2006

grits and jive

Had a jumpin jive of a party last night and the tunes were flying off the hard drive. I even got a couple of converts to countrry music. You know how it goes, 'no, i don't like all that kissin cousin banjo slappin git along little doggies hootenany' and then of course their ears love it and they are asking for grits and beans for breakfast.
Here is a hombre from a while back

Lefty Frizzell Don't Stay Away(till love grows cold) mp3
Lefty cowrote one of my favourites of all time Always Late With Your Kisses. Dwight Y did a great version of this ditty.

I am a bit tired after last nights frivolities so with out further ado here is Shawn Mullins.Check out clips from 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor

Shawn Mullins We Could Go and Start Again mp3
I like gravelly voices and he has a great one.

Friday, March 03, 2006

planet rose

What a week! 53 million quid stolen, Britney buying a loveshack and Shakira having tea with Chancellor Gordon Brown! However, I was cheering this morning when I heard that Gary Glitter has been jailed for 3 years for as we call it in Scotland 'kiddiefiddlin'. The 61-year-old, who insisted he was innocent, said the "unbelievable" verdict was part of a "conspiracy". Yeah Right! Anyway, he probably won't do the 3 years and will be out after only serving a third of his sentence. Something far wrong there as he should have got the firing squad as was suggested in the first place.
I have had a few days off the laptop and have been reading Schindlers List by Thomas Kineally. I always meant to read it so this especially having spent some time recently in Cracow. I can't put it down, RECOMMENDED READING.
Music has been as varied as ever, and this track from one of my favourite singers in the world is todays first pick.
Willie Nelson and Ray Price San Antonio Rose mp3
and for proof this is the best frickin album on the planet on this Friday here is your bonus ball.
willie and ray I fall to pieces mp3