Tuesday, May 31, 2005

orange eyes climb higher

yeeha...this is a great link if you fancy being a dj in your own bedroom.This is a real time music sequencer and sampler built to work right in your web browser.It's totally free and a fab way to impress yourself on a bad tv night. You can save your masterwork to your hard drive or even post it up as an mp3 on your blog.....anyone game???
I had a look on a interesting blog earlier it has obituaries posted up on a daily basis, plus lots of interesting info. The Blog of Death is worth a checkerout. Did you know that Paul Tate, father of Sharon died on 28th May 2005? The former Army intelligence officers' daughter was murdered by the followers of Charles Manson. He was 82. He never gave up trying to keep the 'Family' from getting out of jail. I actually came across an MP3 of Charles singing a creepy little number called Eyes of a Dreamer. It is pretty freaky if you listen to the words. Anyway, here it is for evaluation purposes only...I really couldn't say 'Buy the album' .

Charles Manson and the Family Eyes of a Dreamer MP3

On a cheerier note, how about an upbeat fabbydabby countrry tune
Blue Highway Still Climbing Mountains MP3
the band have been one of the best exponents of bluegrass. Billboard Magazine called them 'as close to a bluegrass supergroup as there is on the road today' They have a new album 'Marbletown'out that you can stream from CMT right here.
Bela Fleck is something else...I discovered him on a compilation record in a bargain bin in Bruce Millers Music Shop in Aberdeen many moons ago. I had never heard anything like it. He remains one of the best banjo player on the block.
Bela Fleck Poindexter MP3
Best Instrumental Composition
Best Pop Instrumental Performance
You can download more stuff from their website.
Bonus Ball for tonight is a great thrasheroo from Charlie Daniels.. He was born in 1936, in Wilmington, N.C., and raised on a musical diet of Pentecostal gospel, bluegrass and the rhythm & blues and country music from Nashville .Graduating from high school in 1955 he was a skilled player on guitar, fiddle and mandolin. Daniels formed a rock 'n' roll band and hit the road.
Among his more notable sessions were the Bob Dylan albums of 1969-70 Nashville Skyline, New Morning and Self Portrait.Here he is in fine fettle.
Charlie Daniels Orange Blossom Special MP3
Have just switched on the telly jesus ferkin christ...some crappy programme called'Love Island' with a bunch of Z list celebs. In the future, I'm sure folks will look back and think what a shallow and superficial culture we had. Big Brother and all this reality tv ....don't get me started...


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