Thursday, July 31, 2008

desert tracks

Well, almost the weekend and the festival here is in full swing. I went to a gig the other night. It was brilliant as far as the band was concerned, Colin Steele on trumpet was outstanding, but unfortunately the main singer, Cathie Rae was pants. She couldn't hold the tune and I am sure poor Chet Baker who she was paying homage to must have been rocking backwards in his grave. It is weird that no one else seemed to notice, but she was definitely flat, I wondered if it was the wild rain storms that had expanded her pipes and caused the fluctuations. So I won't be going back again to see her, but hey, otherwise a good night for a tenner.

Listening to some countrry music tonight, good collection of power ballads, Faith Hill for starters. Dixie's not far behind and the good old boys Brooks and Dunn, ye cannae whack it!!!! And a blast of 80's tracks for desert is just in order.....


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