Friday, March 30, 2007

total hoop

Looking for a good read with a thrill spill angle? try 'William Boyd's Restless' a darn good read. I have been reading it most of this week off and on and agree with the Observer's review: 'pulls you deep in to the obscure, forgotten intricacies of wartime espionage....will keep you turning pages until the end' Damn Right!!

I am half watching Arnie in 'Total Recall' and it is one of his best I would say...Shazza looks pretty good too! I am watching it in widescreen mode and it is like a new film....

Watched American Idol earlier on and my money is on the Justin Timberlake guy Chris to win. It is highly addictive and as I am a musical anorak it rocks my fish right out of the tank.

Here is a track that gets the fish jumping through the hoops.Check them out on wikepedia.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

johnny timber ferkin

WOW been too long...I have bought a new laptop as I stood on my other one leaving a big blob of toxic liquid swimming around behind the screen. I am now up and running and want to prove all those journalists wrong that say blogging is on the wane. No Way Jose!!

I have been doing a lot of driving lately and have loaded over 400 tracks onto a dinky wee mp3 player that I got from Aldi my number one shop. It clicks into a belkin cassette and gives me hours of pleasure. Today I heard everything from The Gun Club via Justin Timberlake to Michele Sardou. Fan ferkin tasic.....

anyway I am afraid it is the Timberlake that is out there in front at the moment..he makes Robbie sound like a tired old fogey..I bet he is thankful for the close escape from you know who...she won't need a haircut for awhile. I have also been enjoying the Boss and the Seeger Sessions..particularly good loud and washed down with a glass of Merlot.

However, I know he is not everyones glass of irn-bru so I will let you get hold of the CD from for a very reasonable price. This guy however, gets less airplay outside of France but is worth a BIG CHECKEROO. Johnny Halliday is a name that has been kicking around on the French Rock and Pop scene for a long time