Sunday, February 19, 2006

disco homework

Let's go round the world....lots of fantastic stuff out there without a major label that is worth investigating. Germany for starters...
Matthias Reim verdammt ich lieb dich mp3 if you can understand German check him out might be going..'who him?' but here is his claim to fame Vergiss Es Forget It 2004 with Bonnie Tyler (Germany no 64, Ukraine Airplay Charts no10)
Here is another fab outfit. With Kraftwerk back zapping the boards how about some DAF? This was one I danced to in many a disco back way back when. This was the single and i advise you to play it whilst doing housework, keeps you in rhythm.
DAF Mussolini mp3

The smoking ban is almost here in Scotland and I cannae wait. I will go back to taking my fiddle out into the pubs for a session and come home without feeling I was wrapped in an ashtray all night. Here is a fab fiddler Liz Carroll .She was born in Chicago in 1956, to Irish immigrant parents from Limerick and Offaly counties. Her father, Kevin, a button accordion player, began teaching her to play Irish traditional music when she was five, and she seemed to be rather good, practising at home rather than carousing around..well that is just speculation, but I don't think I could ever match this virtuosity even if I had stayed at home.
Liz Carroll The Rock Reel mp3

Friday, February 10, 2006

judas dreaming

It's's five o'clock somewhere...get in the mood with this excellent devil hippo
I have been doing all the household chores this morning with my mp3 strapped over my lugs and the best tracks are the ones that I could sing along too.Anyone remember this???
Foreigner You're as Cold as Ice mp3
I have been reading Mark Radcliff's Showbusiness Diary of a Rock n Roll Nobody and have been laughing out loud. It made me go and look out all those terrible albums from the seventies...anybody remember Judas Priest??? I don't actually own anything by them, so here is a real scary number instead from
Red River Dave California Hippie Murders mp3

Charles Manson and his infamous "Family" were a force of evil if there ever was one..he couldn't even sing, even though Beach Boys Dennis seemed to think so at one point along the drug highway....
Charles Manson Eyes of a Dreamer mp3

He was one mean hombre....and here is something totally off the wire.....god knows when this little ditty appeared on my hard drive..but it is too weird to keep all to myself...listen for the Manson references.....
The Frugal Gorments Satan's Blood mp3
and lastly here's a wee cracker from
John Glenn Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas mp3
thanks to the 365 project for these last two mental moments!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

fab florida medley

This is one hell of a fab find!!! I have been playing the tracks all evening whilst making my pasta with a medley of veggies and a glass of fine shiraz. Take time to listen and be amazed.

More Music from the Florida Folklife Collection mp3

Friday, February 03, 2006

granite stamping fusion

I like discovering new sounds to fill up my ears. Here is a band from my old stamping ground Aberdeen, the granite city. I was there for many a year, and this bunch are definitely worth a listen. I sometimes think that the fusion of different genres can be rather clumpy....lots of mashups are so poor, you can hear the whizzzz of the laserbeam as it struggles to catch the hotch potch of notes. So, i was pleasantly surprised to hear Paddyrasta and admit that their sound does indeed work.It is a mix of reggae and Irish music....
They have a show on BBC Scotland broadcast on the net on the 7th Feb.They also seem to be gaining a following in the States particularly on College radio stations. Their album 'Listen to your Heart' has just been released catch this track and 'burn and share it around' as the band requests.

Paddyrasta Molly Malone mp3

Here is a band that also have been pushing out the envelope...they record round one microphone and the sound is indeed richer and more alive than anything Madonna could ever come up with. Enjoy!! Catch them at their website

Aberfeldy Tom Weir mp3

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

berlin rhythm carrots

Here is a band that is extremely generous with free mp3's and videos for you to check out. Yonder Mountain String Band were a real find. If you like high lonesome harmonies, banjo and that rustic feel in the recording then check them out. There is no fiddle which is kinda odd, but this allows the mandolin and banjo to sing and take centre stage.
They also have a page on their website with their rider This makes interesting black jelly babies or sacks of carrots. I like the "one bottle of Patron Silver- essential" and "no carrot apple combos!"
Here is the press blurb for the latest album
" Mountain Tracks: Vol. 4 is filled with originals such as "Looking Back Over My Shoulder," a tune from YMSB's infamous sheriff saga, covers like the Talking Head's "Girlfriend Is Better” and the traditional number "Ruby," exploring the band’s bluegrass roots. While all previous releases have been live audio only, Mountain Tracks: Vol. 4 adds a bonus DVD to the package, “The Europe Bootlegs”. The DVD is a collection of footage from the band’s first trip to Europe in the summer of 2003.
I have also been checking out Greg Trooper who has described his own holy trinity as Otis Redding, Hank Williams and Bob Dylan. As he says himself "there ain't nothin' worse than a white guy singin' rhythm and blues..nothin worse" and thankfully he doesn't even try to do an Otis but the overall sound just warms your soul.
He is another artist with lots of mp3's from his albums available on his website check them out.He also gets my vote for this quote "Lou Reed said it all: 'My life was saved by rock and roll,"
I loved Lou Reed's Berlin album and of course his stuff with the Velvets. I only tried to see him once years ago at Newcastle. He cancelled due to a 'sore throat' yeah!! right!!!