Tuesday, November 21, 2006

40 showers humming

Well Oasis, the Beatles and U2 have all released albums at the same time hoping I guess for them to thud into someones Christmas stocking. My bets are on Oasis...I find the Beatles overrated, I like the odd track especially the older stuff. My favourite number of all time is 'If I fell' forget about all this pepper nonsense and white whatsits..give me a tune I can hum in the shower any day. Maybe that is why the bombastic sound of U2 doesn't do it for me either, I like the politics but not the strangulated sound of Bono. I just don't like his voice. there I have said it and I await 40 tons of hats to drop onto me. The Gallagher boys have a simplicity about them that whatever you might think, I love the sound of wonderwall, married with children and rock and roll star. In fact I can't think of a bad track all round. so if you are undecided about that stocking filler go for the clocks and turn them up so tight they shatter your beatles mug.

Here are the lads in fine fettle with a live version of a fave rave out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

posse tanya wing

I have moved across to the google account set up for blogging. I will be trying out all the new features over the next few days..sounds kind of exciting...talking of excitement, I have been enjoying watching 'Pride and Prejudice' the Jane Austen classic with Colin Firth as a brooding Mr Darcy. Check it out if you like this kind of thing. I have also got The West Wing to get into now that the weather has taken a plunge for the worst and the nights are indeed fair drawin in. Sometimes a film is not what I want to watch, I would rather have some trash telly or a series like 24 or the west wing.

The Be Good Tanyas played in the Usher Hall the other night. I didn't have a ticket but I hear it was a faab night. Edinburgh is getting a bit more of an Americana stopping off point and a lot of it is thanks to the lost highway posse who are organising a lot of gigs over and above the call of duty.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


still the king...even after all those years...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Get in the Boat - Jeanette Williams Band

fantastic bluegrass...keep it in the front room...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Koshka Live

this is the band performing in bonnie scotland, Glasgow in fact at the Arches. Fantastic!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

livin lovin louvin

The nights are fare drawin in and i have the shutters well shut and I am looking to put on a coal fire soon. Smokeless of course! I have been watching the Christmas lights going up in the town and thinking what do I want to buy myself for a present. I have resisted the whole iPod thing, I refuse to have white dangly wires with mug me written all over them and also I don't like how you have to put everything into applespeak. I like the idea of having a streaming radio and being able to choose the format for my sounds. So give me my trusty mini disc, my Lucky MP3 and a bunch of CD's and vinyl plus of course all the boxes of cassettes and I will be just as happy this Christmas as last.
I have been trying to listen to some new music and have been fairly impressed with Vince Gills new offering which is streaming on CMT right now.
YouTube still provides the biggest thrill of all and I am loving all those old clips that no one has ever seen. fantastic!!
I also have been checking out oor ither Scottish Bard...nae Rabbie but William...he is just excellent for cheering you up on a drab Monday and bringing a smile to your face. Check him out right here
However, here is a track that will knock that smile right off, because it is sad and lonesome . The wonderful Louvin Brothers givin it the max emotional energy.