Saturday, December 15, 2007

butler brain blow

I am blowing out my brains with a cold right now...had a few bits and bobs of pharmaceuticals but the best has been a gluwein with a shot of cannae whack it..I HATE colds especially when you sound like you are speaking through a sea of mud. Here as a help for a cheer up is a great wee track that is helping speed recovery.

John Butler Trio Zebra mp3

just watched pop idol, my giddy aunt, what a lot of tosh and twaddle. Has Simon Cowell been into the sea of madness.he was giving sooooo many strokes of fuzzy 'you are brilliant'crap I was really shocked.he always held himself as separate from the crowd. well, no longer!!!


Blogger Greg said...

Great to have a new post. And a New Year of which I hope yours is very happy!

8:21 pm  

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