Monday, July 31, 2006

potty dance crystals

Happy Birthday JK Rowling!! Hard to believe she is only 41.....well what I mean is not the way she looks but the fact that she has written all those books and been totally involved in the films AND had time to have kids and marry her very own Harry Potter look a like. If I can read a book I am chuffed!! The last one was a Minette Walters 'Fox Evil' all about well..evil..worth a deke if you like crime with good characterisation.
The Jazz n Blues Festival is in full swing with Rene Marie being the big hit so far. Most folks had never heard of her, but she seemingly had the audience eating out of her hands no problem. She will have sold out for tonight and well done for a great vibe in Leith at The Crystal Palace.
I have been out and about this week so less time for surfing and checking out what's in and out at the moment. Definitely out of order seems to have been Mel Gibson and his rantin and a ravin when picked up on a drink drive charge...who cares if he 'owns Malibu' get a life Mel.
Here is a cheeky little number then I am sure my hankering for a tear in my beer will resurface......Go Bill Go!!
Jumpin Bill Carlisle Rattlesnake Daddy mp3

from the Bear album 'Perfect for Parties' check it out.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


In Edinburgh it is the Starbucks Jazz n Blues Festival with a lot of the cash going to Hurricane Katrina. As well as the paying gigs, there is free stuff on today in the Grassmarket and tomorrow at the Ross Bandstand. Chick Corea will be making his first appearance in the city in 20 years and there will be 130 shows over 10 days with something for everybody...from ragtime to fusion...
to get in the mood here is a little something from a Polish jazz outfit doesn't get more cooler than this
Jazz band Ball Orchestra Polish Folk Song mp3

Friday, July 28, 2006

alice fridge kickin this heat..what a great excuse for chilling in the garden with a big glass of vino...listening to loads of fab music...Dean Martin to Frank Zappa via Eartha Kitt...too hot for anything else..took a walk on Gullane beach today, home of golf..well so they say after it moved from Leith to Muirfield. I prefer the Leith origins myself. I was in Fop Records on Cockburn Street the other day and then up to their branch on Rose Street, a cool 5 hours and I still wasnae bored!! What a selection...I could take a fortnight's holiday perusing the shelves and still come out saying book me in for another fortnight!!
this is the time for taking off yer alice band, rolling up yer breeks, grabbing a glass of single malt and turning up the sounds, open the windows, fill the paddling pool and stuff the fridge full of beer.
It makes me think of a hot Jersey night across the pond and the Boss kickin off , Here he is in fine hullabaloo with one of my fave no .

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

shock block

The British Recording industry has asked that ISP's block customers who they say are illegally sharing files. Not to be outdone the Spanish government has banned peer to peer file sharing and have taxed blank discs. This is the start of a stranglehold on small net record companies who use P2P to distribute sounds under Creative Copyright at low cost, it penalises the Open Source movement and stops innovative ideas. Boo!! Before we all thought naah it couldn't happen well it looks like it has. So I hope that music blogs can continue as they do with short bursts of postings that introduce folks to new sounds and who will then go and buy the product. I know that thanks to bloggers I have got into and PURCHASED gospel, jazz, soul , funk and even an Iron Maiden album which is fantastic at full pelt whilst hoovering the living room carpet.Oh and whilst I am at it AllofMp3 the Russian music website are being sued in a UK Court for breaking copyright laws...this is some serious shit going down folks. So a warning to anyone out there to BE CAREFUL if you want to see your next birthday this side of the wire.
Now I have thoroughly depressed myself here is a track that i am listening to over and over and over again...enjoy!!
Mohammed EL-Bakkar Port Said mp3
Gillian Welch - Red Clay Halo (Live)

wow!!! as good as when i saw them at the queens hall here in edinburgh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Good Year for the Roses

this is the real deal...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

rain seven

Music Music Music....can't add anything to this faaaaaaab track from the album Seven Bridges Road back in 1972

Steve Young Montgomery in the Rain mp3
I love the rain, give me it over hot baking humid heat any day.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bob Dylan Simple Twist of Fate

bob doing what he does

blame it on a simple twist of fate

I have been listening to an album of Dylan out takes of Blood on the Tracks. Why he didn't release this version aye dinnae ken. It is much more immediate and direct than the official album which don't get me wrong would be one of my desert island discs.

Bob Dylan Simple Twist of Fate out take mp3

I have never seen him live and missed a chance in the 1970's when he played Newcastle You never know how long your heroes will be around, but he seems to be still up for it..given the length of his touring schedules. He has played approximately 100 gigs a year all the way through the 1990's and 2000's kinda puts Oasis to shame. He has been playing keyboards and the harmonica and not picking up his guitar much during shows. It seems the reason is that he wants a fuller sound on the bottom range and hasn't found a keyboard player that play what he wants. Here is info about his 2006 schedule if you fancy a blast.