Saturday, January 19, 2008

happy start

Happy New Year from a late night here in bonnie Scotland.It was a good bleak break which meant lots of time for log fires and a reruns of the Forsyte Saga with Damien Lewis. Pretty damn good it was too, I remember the original, cardboard sets and a gloomy Soames. DL is fantastic at the grumpy arrogance of the character, but you can't but help have a soft spot for the old devil. Also checked out the first two episodes of Damages,hot in from the States with a stellar cast. One to definitely run home from work for.

The set top box blew up caused by rain running down the inside of the TV Ariel, nobody got fried but meant a trip to the shops to buy another. this one a goodmans ain't as good as the one I got from Aldi a year or so back. Just shows me that it is indeed my favourite shop for electricals.

I have been checking out a lot of stuff on the creative commons website. Excellent music at no cost at all. How do these guys and gals do it??

I am off to Germany at the end of the week, let's hope there is snow!!