Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bridget's burning personality

Surreal or what!!! i just found out that hauf jaikets alter ego was playing at the leith market not a gob throw from my front door...if i had roused myself in time i would have wandered amongst the candles and embroidered placemats to cheer him on. anyway hope it was a good gig. i took a wander down a few weeks ago and frankly the only thing to draw me back was the french guy with the french bread. How come we Scots expend the same effort making a ferkin candle?? The bread wins everytime.
I have managed to suss out thanks to enchilada how to post up links..and now feel a bit more like i have joined the grown ups of blogging. I will add other sites as i go, but thought i should get up the main inspirations today.
Have been very chilled today, trying to shake and vac a cold that has been hanging about for a boring long time. I feel like my lungs have a couple of carpets in them and even a Glen Orra has no effect. This was the cheapest malt i could find and when disguised with honey and lemon does the 'lay me down in a cask and wake me up when Crossroads is back on the telly ' kind of deal. I feel rough enough to enjoy toxic epphex and their rendition of 'maggie.' I don't have it on mp3 but maybe this will do instead. It's from my days of punk in Aberdeen and the shared flat. I had got a copy of the New York Dolls album from someone who had just returned with it from the states. Wow, this was the real deal, just before the Damned and New Rose hit, this was THE album and i had it in my posession. I can tell you, those that laughed when they first heard it were soon wearing white shirts, drainpipes and getting those mullets well cut within a few weeks. I like to think i was slightly ahead of the game and in homage here is
Johnny Thunders Personality Crises mp3
I maybe a countrygrrl these days but i do like to delve back into the scuzzy days when a record cost more than a week in the bahamas and you spent money on plastic record sleeves and cardboard covers for the 45's. I remember moving flats, from one end of Union Street to the other and moving 8 boxes all filled with vinyl on the number 10 bus. The rest of my posessions were in a rucksack on my back. Nobody ever thought of getting a taxi..that was only for posh folks.
Here is another classic for all you pogoers who liked their punk cut with a bit of loose reggae strides. This group gave The Clash a run for their moolah and this is their best track by a long shot. If you have a glue bag , all the better to enjoy this
The Ruts Babylons Burning.mp3
I am now off to the kitchen to clear up the debris of a lazy sunday and check whats for tea.Here is a more mellow number to assist you to pack your school bag for tomorrow and the big ol world of work..or play depending on your financial situation.
Bridget Bardot Harley Davidson mp3
This is indeed a bit of class and should be listenened to whilst sitting on a fur rug with no keks on.


Blogger Fire of lovE said...

The links look nice I see. You didnt by any chance attend the Steve Young concert in Edinburgh?
Just curious how it was. Any reviews from the newspapers ?

2:13 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

I get a little lost every tenth word or so -- but I like yer site. And a very nice post as well. Thanks for the BB from your friends at MonkeySars

2:01 am  

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