Wednesday, November 23, 2005

ocean of fire

Here is a track especially for Fire of Love who particularly liked the last Jimmy Martin post.

Jimmy Martin Ocean of Diamonds mp3
He was a great tenor who sang lead vocal with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys. I came across him whilst watching the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band DVD Will the Circle...and his performance was up there with all the countrry icons.
Right i am really off to Krakow now and will be out of posting reach for a few days...but hey...i have my mp3 with loads of countrry sounds to keep me amused. adios.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

krakow keith countrry

I am on holiday from tomorrow for a week in Krakow so will not be posting any fantastic music. I watched the CMA Awards on the TV the other night from New York and it was damn good!!! My fave act was a bit of a was Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw , followed by Keith Urban. I am a yeehaw kinda countrygrrl but my mobile phone with the inbuilt torch was held aloft in my living room as these fine tracks blasted out at full volume.
However, I am going trad here with a tune from the wonderful Jimmy Martin.Jimmy is up there in the big countrry coral in the sky and will still be known as the King of Bluegrass I am sure.
Jimmy Martin Lord I'm Coming Home mp3

Country Gazette Virginia Boys mp3

from their 1991 album Hello Operator...This is Country Gazette which covers the tracks they recorded on their 5 Flying Fish albums made between 1976 and 1987.
Here is our Keith in fine voice doing a version of the old Jimmy Webb chestnut.
Keith Urban Witchita Lineman live mp3

Sunday, November 20, 2005

crazy best diamonds

Here's one for George Best .....he was a magical player and a big hitter with a lot of the ladies...shine on you crazy diamond...However, he seems to elicit strong views from folk. Should he have been given that second liver???I don't know really...anyway enjoy this track from a band I don't listen to much these days but this is kind of special. Written originally for Syd B Pink Floyd Shine on you crazy diamond live mp3

Saturday, November 19, 2005

slipping journey genius

CSI is on in the background and i have just voted for Journey South on the X is really living!!! So here is my fantastic music moment for this Sat night and hope that all clubbers get their kebab on the way home and realise that Trent Reznor is a ferkin genius...
Nine Inch Nails slipping away mp3
whilst waiting for a kettle to boil for my camonmile tea my ears were arrested and my body rocked and rolled into magical shapes...yes..honest whilst listening to this track at ear blood spurting volume..aaagh pop is alive and you don't need to purchase an Abba or Robbie disc to know this, Formed in 1993, Sister Hazel is an acoustic jangle-pop band based in Gainesville, Florida, go boys...this is them doing a fab rock out meltdown kind of westlife meets stereophonics cutting round the pasture and saying hi to a david's late so maybe my ears are out of commission, but this is worth a click onto your hard drive and then a quick shifty to the record store virtual or otherwise...
Sister Hazel Out There live at Newport mp3
Great news that SonyBMG have been forced to stop putting spyware on their CD's. One to the little people..yeeeeeeeha!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

fountain of beef

It seems that Scotland's top Butcher has been fined a measly £5,000.Simon Howie Butchers - which supplies supermarket chains and Gleneagles Hotel - was fined for discharging prepared raw and cooked meat products into the Latch Burn in Perthshire. The effluent caused high pollution readings and could have had a knock-on effect on fish, The company has an annual turnover of £7 million !!!! Something a bit awry there me thinks...only a drop in the sewage pipe...
Jackson Browne Fountains of Sorrow mp3
This is one of his best .....I sometimes forget how many great songs he has written over the years...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

tattoo black memory

I am telly surfing and there is a prog coming on about inductions into the UK music hall of fame 'with strong language from the start'..well folks who are these 'legendary names'???. Let's hope it is His Bobness and God is indeed on his side.
Bob Dylan God Knows live Mp3 in Galgary Alberta.year unknown.
Just seen Ozzy Osbourne shuffling on screen and it made me think of the time I saw the band at Greens Playhouse in Glasgow back in the 70's . I was in the second row , well by the end of the gig, there was no second row as it had been totally trashed. Everybody including my good self had stood on the backs of the fixed chairs and headbanged along to the next track..slowly ..and caused the seats to disintegrate ..and rip up from their bolts.. they collapsed and it was then total mayhem...can't imagine that happening at a Babyshambles concert...too much designer gear for total meltdown.....
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath mp3
This trip down memory lane has thrown up this track ..get it whilst you can. Remember, all these music posts are to get you to purchase the artist's material, so if what you hear rocks your duvet, support these artists..even if they are in the record deck in the sky. Some family member is probably depending on the cheque.
Rory Gallagher Tatto'd Lady Live Tuscon Arizona mp3

Saturday, November 12, 2005

fiddle sweet x pants

"We intend to re-examine all aspects of our content protection initiative to be sure that it continues to meet our goals of security and ease of consumer use," the company said in a statement. heeeeyaaa one for the little people...Sony of course is the company and sorry can't stop the's a track for all mp3 bloggers out there
Jesse Sykes Sweet Doralee mp3
This guy is question..if you like the intense vocal style of Ryan A then this will be a winner all round.
Been gouching oot watching the X Factor and my oatcakes with brie and butter, who is going to take the dosh is on Jouney your pants walker bros and everly's these boys will be knocking coldplay right off the top roster.
Back to Basics with a band that has been nestling happily on my mp3 and luckily comes around more than it should on random play.Check them out Boxharp is the name and you can download a couple of tracks from their site.
But back into the days when the school disco actually played this track several times in one night....I was well impressed with Daryl Way's way with a fiddle bow...
Curved Air Backstreet Luv mp3

Friday, November 11, 2005

die dealing bonus balls

here is the real deal..if this guy is still alive then there is hope for the rest of us..have just listened to the new album and it is nae is a bonus ball...enjoy
Rolling Stones Laugh I nearly Died mp3

golden divorce

I came across this funny Iporn site..worth a look and a laugh.
However, here is the golden boy..again i am happy just for him to sing to me and he can come and kiss me anytime...
ryan adams a kiss before i go mp3
and finally a gr8t little number all about what happens when the sparkling lights fade and you can't STAND the sight of each other let alone their record collection
Frances Bebey Pygmy Divorce mp3

Monday, November 07, 2005

patti rare foot

what more can i say except this is one of my favourite artists photographed by one of my favourite photographers....
Patti Smith Dancin Barefoot live from Rare on Air 2000 mp3

Sunday, November 06, 2005

railroad funky blues

I have been clearing out my hard drive and here are a few beauties that are worth a whirl .
Frank Zappa Bobby Brown goes Down mp3

Grand Funk Railroad We're an American Band mp3

Blue Cheer Summertime Blues mp3

Saturday, November 05, 2005

fish planet energy

I don't give a fish finger fried in butter banana cream ..this guy is unbe~~ble ..i have been listening to him and thinking a lot about what this whole shit is all about..grab this energy ball whilst you can and improve your whole experience on this planet. Hey, I know this is a bit OTT but it isn't often you would throw up your whole record collection for live stuff from this guy.
Ryan Adams When the Stars go Blue live at Festival Hall London mp3

Friday, November 04, 2005

grrls cloaking crackers

I have been having a massive tidy out and came across an envelope of ticket stubs for gigs that i went to aeons ago. I saw Led Zepplin for one pound sterling. !!! The support was grrrl outfit Fanny. I can still remember June Millington and her gang disrobing out of black cloaks into scanty gear that would have caused Mary Whitehouse to have a cardiac arrest . They were the first all female group to get a major record contract . June played guitar and her sister Jean was on bass .Alice de Buhr tub thumped and Nickey Barclay whaacked the keyboards .They seemingly chose 'Fanny 'because they thought it was more interesting as it could be a woman's name as well as a part of the female anatomy.
So there you go!! A bit of grrl herstorry there.
I don't have any music by the grrls these days, however David Bowie, is one of their biggest fans. He even wrote an article for Rolling Stone moaning that they were so fabbydabbydozy and seemed almost forgotten now. The press back in the early 70's treated Fanny as though they were a manufactured band, a bit like the Spice Girls today.
So for Fanny and all those grrls who kicked over the statues..Patti, Janis, Indigo's, Annie L, Billie, here is David Bowie with a faaaab live version of Heroes. Go Grrl Go!!!!!
David Bowie Heroes live acoustic mp3
i also couldn't resist posting this , I play this at FULL MEGGGGA db when driving .
Cher I still haven't found what I'm looking for live mp3
And for a bonus ball, howzabout this wee cracker from another grrl of mucho talent.
Bonnie Rait Thing called love mp3

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Liar pants in taxi

Short post as I have been out celebrating a friends birthday and the resignation of the head honcho of the Scottish Tory Party 'Taxi for McLetchie' It is incredible how those scoundrels and bounders think we won't get a tad upset if they spend tax payers cash to get a taxi to work and visit the fairer sex again by taxi and think that the tab will be picked up by moi. So thank god for the press who will go where no MSP wants to incase their expense forms will be given the once over.
The Castaways LIAR LIAR mp3 Check out this fab band
Liar, liar, pants on fire
Your nose is longer than a telephone wire
Great lyrics...also for David Blunkett, Lewis Libby and Karl Rove. Give it up guys...your not foolin us.