Saturday, December 15, 2007

butler brain blow

I am blowing out my brains with a cold right now...had a few bits and bobs of pharmaceuticals but the best has been a gluwein with a shot of cannae whack it..I HATE colds especially when you sound like you are speaking through a sea of mud. Here as a help for a cheer up is a great wee track that is helping speed recovery.

John Butler Trio Zebra mp3

just watched pop idol, my giddy aunt, what a lot of tosh and twaddle. Has Simon Cowell been into the sea of madness.he was giving sooooo many strokes of fuzzy 'you are brilliant'crap I was really shocked.he always held himself as separate from the crowd. well, no longer!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

dortmund ditty

It is almost upon us, yes the time of chilling, eating and listening to Christmas tinsel on the radio. Will Malcolm Middleton get the number one spot or will it be one of the job lots from Simon Cowell's coral.....MM is my guy anytime.

Just back from a trip to Dortmund. Great place, although Saturn had no Johnny Hallyday discs whatsoever, SHAME!! Flights now from Edinburgers direct and it is better than spending a long weekend in a Scottish bed and breakfast which is often overpriced and still had the odd nylon sheet on the bed. Here is a great wee ditty that I have been blasting out my ear wax with.