Tuesday, April 25, 2006

shiver stramash

I went to see the Battlefield Band last night at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. It was a small intimate venue and I had a great seat. The fiddle player Alisdair White was phenomenal and so was the Piper Mike Katz who blasted away as though he was handling a pneumatic drill between his cheeks. However, the guitarist sang a Woody Guthrie song and murdered it. He also unwisely tried his dodgy vocals at Tom Waits 'Shiver me Timbers'. Sung with an Irish accent made for an interesting experience, but one i care not to repeat. A real shame as the band seem a pale imitation of the original line up. Brian McNeil was the numero uno singer and fiddler in my book.The band have been truckin for over 30 years and like the William Wallace sword has had 3 new blades and 4 new handles but still is regarded as the 'real mccoy' Worth a checkeroo if you get the chance but no surprises in the sartorial department. The guitarist could have polished his shoes...looked like he had rolled out of a transit with last years carry out...
I don't have anything by them to transport , but here is there kindred spirits..with a spirited wee stramash.

The Tannahill Weavers Draw Burn the Bridges mp3

Sunday, April 23, 2006

muscular bronco

The only place to be today was the garden, sun, sun and more sun..the neighbour next door asked how to make mackerel pate and luckily I knew how. Watching all those Sophie Grigson and Jamie Oliver cookery programmes has come in handy. I am reading Ann Rule's ' A Rose for her Grave' and it is a cautionary tale indeed. Don't let your new boyfriend tell you what lipstick to wear and that Bryan Adams is better than Ryan...by the time you see the reality of the madness in his eyes it will be too late....
I have been listening to loads of muscular countrry..you know the type ..alan jackson, toby keith, pat green, and of course it sounds great turned up when the sun is shining. However, this old cowboy is gittin his feet wet and buckin the bronco with this little ditty. He did a pretty poor version I thought of Teddy Bear, there is a German version by Truckstop that is more sonorous and hairy chested, but this is one that graces my mp3 player from time to time. Remember to buy the tunes and it doesn't have to be from itunes....

Red Sovine GiddyUpGo mp3

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

spiked rights

Thanks to YouTube hear is The Boss in fine fettle from a really early gig singing his heart out.Born to Run never sounded more alive and ass kickin!!! This home video is first class and the sound is excellent.
Bruce Springsteen Born to run movie

Here is another newbie to me Cory Morrow..where do all these guys come from..it is one helluva job just trying to keep up with what's new out there in musicville. I like his style..he isn't a Bruce of course..but that would be well impossible.
Corry Morrow Texas Time Travel live mp3

He is another bad boy in the style of Hank Snr and Hank Jnr and of course Hank 3rd.. read all about it here, those countrry boys can show the homeboys a thing or three.

This smoking ban is faabulous with me going out a lot more into the world of pubs. I had given up but this has improved life 100%. Now of course it's all about noise of smokers congretating outside and drinks being spiked whilst left on the bar top. Noise from the theatres bleeting on about their 'human rights'. Seemingly smoking on stage is a no no and somehow Winston Churchill will be 'less credible ' if not seen smoking a cigar. I think there are are more pressing issues for fighting for 'human rights' than the freedom to see someone smoking on stage.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

michty crivens

I really love fiddle music and the more rhythmic the better. I love how all music comes back to source at the end of the day...and this sounds like a global mix if I ever heard one. April Verch is new to me, I came across her by pure chance and by crivens michty me this is mighty fine playing. She was a Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion in 1997 and the 1998 Canadian Ope Fiddle Champion. If this doesn't make you skirl I guess you must have no ears.

Monday, April 17, 2006

space fox fabric

I finally signed up for mozilla firefox and I have to say I have been well impressed so far. I like how the text size can be increased beyond what you can get on Windows. I find with a lap top my eyes get screwed after a few hours squinting on small print and it seems pretty slick in moving from page to page, so I have set it as my default and will road test it over the next few days and report back.
Music wise this is the track of the moment...no competition...no doubt...
Holy Modal Rounders Mr Spaceman mp3
Formed way back in 1961 when rayon was the fabric of choice and cuban heels clicked in milk bars.Check the boys out here the whole story...
This is worth at least 3 Celine Dion albums.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

wolf stormin door slammin

Here is a fab classic from an old hombre..CW McCall.Here is his bio from CMT
I love trucker tracks, they are great when you are driving down the highways and you can imagine you are haulin wood or even gas canisters all the way to Falkirk. So this guy gets me right in the mood to jump in the car blast the sounds and revvvvvv the gas, maybe not to Wolf Creek Pass but at least to the all night TESCO.

CW McCall Wolf Creek Pass mp3

I have been listening to a hell of a lot of mash ups lately, and this has to be one of my all time yeeehaahighs. Snoop and Jim....Absolutely ..

Friday, April 14, 2006

yiddish sister

This is the time to free your ears...let some new notes ring and buzz around..help you become an anorak and cover every aspect of the grand planet that music resides in. I was dicking around on the net and came across this Yiddish group that I can't believe I missed. Have you ever come across the Barry Sisters? No I thought not, the Andrews Sisters yes, but this duo were new to me. I hope you enjoy this offering from them.
Barry Sisters Ochy Chernye mp3
I have heard that the dreaded RIAA are going after PODCASTS next, then it will be blogs I am sure, so I am trying to only post one track by an artist and also ask that you buy the goddamn album as well,here is the link for all your purchases.Have a good Easter!! roll that egg !

Friday, April 07, 2006

Boss Bourbon and a gumtree

This is the best thing I have heard all year..I have played it 10 times and it just gets better. Good on Amazon for featuring this video, the Boss is sizzlin and is as countrry as a raccoon up a gumtree.Nothing else required just the Boss and a bourbon.
Bruce Springsteen John Henry video full clip
Whilst running the spell check on blogger springsteen was replaced by springtail....he certainly sounds sprightly and has one hell of a spring in his tail on this take.

Monday, April 03, 2006

cadillac county

Toby Keith has a new album "White Trash with Money" just out and you can stream it for free on the CMT listening party at 128. I had a listen last night and I don't think it is as memorable as some of his other stuff, notably "Beer for my Horses". Alan Jackson's syrupy gospel Precious Memories album is up as well, I was mega disappointed when I heard it. Let's hope he gets back to doing the Devils Music soon.It was recorded as a present for his mother, but I guess she would have preferred a date with Jayne County to this piffle.
Rosanne Cash has her album Black Cadillac up there too, and it is well worth a spin around your eardrums.
However, the best of the bunch has to be a big bunch of Merle Haggard albums to die for. I have been listening to loads of stuff I haven't heard before and at this good quality it almost makes up for not being able to rip them onto my hard drive.
I have just streamed them onto my mini disc and can enjoy them through a link to my stereo....yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaa rock on!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

klezmer rawks

Going by the number of hits on Martha and Rufus..Martha is way out in the lead. I am surprised, I thought the golden boy would win by a truck of velvet ipods. Is Martha at the top of a job lot of sensitive female singers that have populated the scene. From Dido to Jewell they all sign about 'making love' not sex and usually have a guitar or play keyboards for writing songs. Mind you with James Blunt and Chris Martin maybe the hairy hogs of rawk are well out of favour as well.
I have been listening to a favourite album of mine Klezmer Conservatory's Thirteenth anniversary Album. It is live and never ceases to bring a smile to my face.Check out their website for info and album releases.
Here is a track that I hope will play on repeat on your iPod for at least a week.
Feygele (little bird) Klezmer Conservatory Band mp3
Produced by Hankus Netsky who is an absolute genius and started the group in 1980.
Here's what the Washington Post had to say about them.

"... the ensemble's uninhibited verve translates into any language and will no doubt leave anyone inclined to dance along gasping for air."

Bonus Ball
If you like this kind of thing remember to support the band and buy the album.
Oh just an aside..according to most landlords their bar takings are up since the smoking ban came in.... and they have said it has been a 'resounding success'. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

stellar moons

Which one do you think is going to go stellar?? Rufus thinks it's Martha and vice versa....here are two awesome tracks to help you make up your mind.
Martha Wainwright How Soon mp3

Rufus Wainwright Don't Know What It Is mp3

I remember hearing their Pa on John Peel many moons ago with the Swimming Song and incorporating it into my repertoire for solo gigging around the clubs. I was 16 and needed an adult to chaperon me when in licensed premises. This song along with CCR numbers and a few James Taylor and Neil Young gave me cash for buying more vinyl.