Sunday, May 08, 2005

tatties in the house

have a secret to share. I did a thing this morning I havent done in oh it must be 30 it wasn't blastingDischarge on the tape deck , it was having fried tattie scones for breakfast. In fact I had 6 of them along with a fried egg...and it was fan..ferkin..tastic...I remember my dad used to make these big breakfasts on a sunday whilst us kids hunkered down on the floor reading
the Broons and Oor Wullie in the Sunday Post. So when I was in Aldi I decided to indulge myself and boy did I !! Anyway, check them out if you can..scottish nectar.
Well the election results were pretty predictable with the Labour party getting in even though the majority was less. I am relieved that the tory race card didn't really kick in and that the BNP didn't get any seats either. However, can you settle an argument for me is the Tory Councillor Eileen Kinnear for Harrow on the Hill wearing glasses???
I went down to the Leith Market again this week and blow me there is a couple of vinyl and CD stalls. They had a good selection of stuff from Willie Ray Hubbard to Willie Nelson. I also noticed the prices were what I would expect around 6 and 7 quid for a CD . The market was looking a wee bit more cheery and there were some fab olives stalls too. Almost tempted to buy this mixture of balsalmic and figs...supposedly great on tattie scones. I hope the market suceeds and that we get our own wee bit of Les Halles here .
Music for today..lets start with a cracker from Aly Bain Shetlands well known fiddler. I remember seeing him at the Keith Folk Festival years ago during a lock in. Da Forty Fiddlers from Shetland were a bit depleted that year as a few of them were too drunk to be allowed to board the plane. However, despite Mr Bain being well Bainboxed he performed an incredible set from underneath a table where he was lying. Someone handed him his fiddle and away he went. Fantastic. I remember thinking that I must try that at home and see if it improved my fiddling technique.
Aly Bain The Hangman's Reel mp3
Next up is a favourite of mine Jim Lauderdale. He has some audio and video here. I got two of his albums for less that a fiver and play them pretty much all the time.
Jim Lauderdale Forever aint no trouble now mp3
and lastly a great version of an old classic from those boys from the seventies.
Bachman Turner Overdrive House of the Rising Sun mp3 They tried reforming in the 1980's and decided to manage themselves. Big Mistake given that you now needed a publicity machine to make sure you were getting airplay. It was no longer enough just to gig and produce records. They faded away and the last hearing of them was on the Simpsons when Homer harasses them 'just to play their hits' at a local fair.However, they live on here.
Well thats all for now folks..I'm off to check out some more tattie scones...


Blogger Fat Boab said...

yay for Leith Market and overpriced olives! I shall be playing there again this Sunday (15th) at 12.00 if you want to pop along. I have been guaranteed Sunshine on Leith. Buy my CDs - only £2 a pop - cheaper than a pint (or a Leith Market olive).

1:59 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey sounds like a good deal we were planning going back this weekend...seemingly there is a guy selling cheese called cheesy pete.Will indeed try to catch you live and kickin

6:28 pm  

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