Monday, April 17, 2006

space fox fabric

I finally signed up for mozilla firefox and I have to say I have been well impressed so far. I like how the text size can be increased beyond what you can get on Windows. I find with a lap top my eyes get screwed after a few hours squinting on small print and it seems pretty slick in moving from page to page, so I have set it as my default and will road test it over the next few days and report back.
Music wise this is the track of the doubt...
Holy Modal Rounders Mr Spaceman mp3
Formed way back in 1961 when rayon was the fabric of choice and cuban heels clicked in milk bars.Check the boys out here the whole story...
This is worth at least 3 Celine Dion albums.


Blogger Ed said...

If I owned any Celine Dion, I'd trade them all for the Holy Modal Rounders.
Not to forget that they contributed to the soundtrack of the movie that defined the US in the 1960's - "Easy Rider"

1:20 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

didn't know that little nugget...thanks for that ed...glad there is a few folks like the countrry end of the spectrum..i only like celine dions french album...when she sings in english it is s**te

10:36 am  

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