Sunday, April 02, 2006

klezmer rawks

Going by the number of hits on Martha and Rufus..Martha is way out in the lead. I am surprised, I thought the golden boy would win by a truck of velvet ipods. Is Martha at the top of a job lot of sensitive female singers that have populated the scene. From Dido to Jewell they all sign about 'making love' not sex and usually have a guitar or play keyboards for writing songs. Mind you with James Blunt and Chris Martin maybe the hairy hogs of rawk are well out of favour as well.
I have been listening to a favourite album of mine Klezmer Conservatory's Thirteenth anniversary Album. It is live and never ceases to bring a smile to my face.Check out their website for info and album releases.
Here is a track that I hope will play on repeat on your iPod for at least a week.
Feygele (little bird) Klezmer Conservatory Band mp3
Produced by Hankus Netsky who is an absolute genius and started the group in 1980.
Here's what the Washington Post had to say about them.

"... the ensemble's uninhibited verve translates into any language and will no doubt leave anyone inclined to dance along gasping for air."

Bonus Ball
If you like this kind of thing remember to support the band and buy the album.
Oh just an aside..according to most landlords their bar takings are up since the smoking ban came in.... and they have said it has been a 'resounding success'. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!!


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