Sunday, April 23, 2006

muscular bronco

The only place to be today was the garden, sun, sun and more sun..the neighbour next door asked how to make mackerel pate and luckily I knew how. Watching all those Sophie Grigson and Jamie Oliver cookery programmes has come in handy. I am reading Ann Rule's ' A Rose for her Grave' and it is a cautionary tale indeed. Don't let your new boyfriend tell you what lipstick to wear and that Bryan Adams is better than the time you see the reality of the madness in his eyes it will be too late....
I have been listening to loads of muscular know the type ..alan jackson, toby keith, pat green, and of course it sounds great turned up when the sun is shining. However, this old cowboy is gittin his feet wet and buckin the bronco with this little ditty. He did a pretty poor version I thought of Teddy Bear, there is a German version by Truckstop that is more sonorous and hairy chested, but this is one that graces my mp3 player from time to time. Remember to buy the tunes and it doesn't have to be from itunes....

Red Sovine GiddyUpGo mp3


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