Wednesday, April 19, 2006

spiked rights

Thanks to YouTube hear is The Boss in fine fettle from a really early gig singing his heart out.Born to Run never sounded more alive and ass kickin!!! This home video is first class and the sound is excellent.
Bruce Springsteen Born to run movie

Here is another newbie to me Cory Morrow..where do all these guys come is one helluva job just trying to keep up with what's new out there in musicville. I like his style..he isn't a Bruce of course..but that would be well impossible.
Corry Morrow Texas Time Travel live mp3

He is another bad boy in the style of Hank Snr and Hank Jnr and of course Hank 3rd.. read all about it here, those countrry boys can show the homeboys a thing or three.

This smoking ban is faabulous with me going out a lot more into the world of pubs. I had given up but this has improved life 100%. Now of course it's all about noise of smokers congretating outside and drinks being spiked whilst left on the bar top. Noise from the theatres bleeting on about their 'human rights'. Seemingly smoking on stage is a no no and somehow Winston Churchill will be 'less credible ' if not seen smoking a cigar. I think there are are more pressing issues for fighting for 'human rights' than the freedom to see someone smoking on stage.


Blogger Happy In Bag said...

So I bought Bruce's The Seeger Sessions yesterday. It's better than I anticipated. The two songs issued in advance of the release are my two least favorite songs, so allow me to backtrack on my prior grumpy comments.

5:47 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

excellent!! i am just listening to it for first time as it dropped through my letter box this morning. I like the rollicking loose sound...a mix of Dr John meets Bob meets the Stones a la exile on main street. I hope this sells in cart loads and opens up a whole new audience to countrry and roots music...

2:55 pm  

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