Monday, March 13, 2006

river machine

Been checking out the South by Southwest website and there are some faboulous bands with free music up for your perusal.Mark Erelli is worth a deek.He has a lot of free mp3's on his site and a cover of a Neil Youngs Harvest Moon as this months download.
Mark Erelli Bend in the River mp3

I listen to a lot of Americana but also a lot of other stuff too, so here is one helluva blast. I used to play this at FULL VOLUME and freak out the neighbours before thankfully ASBO became a part of the English language. I saw the band at the Reading Festival and they were the best act on that year. Joan Armatrading was on in the afternoon but i was in a tent with a new friend and missed the whole of her set. This was just before she became a household name, but hey, getting to know this guy from Liverpool seemed more important! Luckily I saw Dr Feelgood who told us the winds of change were blowing through the stagnant jurassic park bands such as Yes who I kind of slept through on the last night.

Hawkwind Silver Machine mp3
Not quite the Allman Brothers but hey, Lemmy and Stacia made it all worthwhile


Blogger Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I have violently staggered into some heady rock shows over the years but a Hawkwind/Motorhead show I saw on your mushroom island was something else.

Motorhead were tremendous but it is the image of Robert Calvert repeatedly stabbing the American flag with a sword that remains burned indelibly in my shinny brain.

4:53 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

SOUNDS WILD!! I never saw Motorhead but I did see Black Sabbath at Greens Playhouse in Glasgow. I was in the second row and by the third song everybody was standing on the back of their chair. As you can imagine the seats all buckled and were then torn up and bouncers flailed about searching for the perpetrators. Too many to chuck out and the concert just carried on with everyone jumping around on the bust seats. Fantastic!!

5:02 pm  

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