Saturday, March 11, 2006

grits and jive

Had a jumpin jive of a party last night and the tunes were flying off the hard drive. I even got a couple of converts to countrry music. You know how it goes, 'no, i don't like all that kissin cousin banjo slappin git along little doggies hootenany' and then of course their ears love it and they are asking for grits and beans for breakfast.
Here is a hombre from a while back

Lefty Frizzell Don't Stay Away(till love grows cold) mp3
Lefty cowrote one of my favourites of all time Always Late With Your Kisses. Dwight Y did a great version of this ditty.

I am a bit tired after last nights frivolities so with out further ado here is Shawn Mullins.Check out clips from 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor

Shawn Mullins We Could Go and Start Again mp3
I like gravelly voices and he has a great one.


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