Thursday, March 23, 2006

reeking vomit in smoked haddock

It ain't long before the Great Big stub OUT and going out for a pint or a dram will no longer be a miserable experience. I was out last week and had to put my hands up and make a quick exit as I could hardly breathe and my eyes felt like velcro pads had just scoured across them at 1222244 miles per hour, so I for one 'cannae wait'. I hear that lots of folk will be staying at home watching sky and smoking as much as before, but I for one would prefer to check out the rest of humanity.
So here is to the end of a clothes and hair reeking of second third and fourth hand smoke, to no ashtray competing with your drinks coaster and that couple that love to light up during courses and smoke you out whilst you are still on your smoked haddock starter. RANT OVER......honest.. I will be out on Sunday celebrating in a smoke free environment. Of course you don't know what the smoke was hiding...I guess the next thing to ban will be vomit stained carpets and greasy backed BO chairs that will come into their own when the smoke fumes vacate the premises.

Anyway to change direction if I can get to work, their must be some varmints in the programme as it keeps chucking me out...
so you will have to check out which mp3s are downloadable from this page
This is a band that have been around for some time...longer than some heavy smokers and if you like the bandana scuzzy highway Americana sound you will LOVE this crew..check out the cravindogs and blast it up coz after Sunday music's the only thing you will be able to take a blast off in a Scottish public space


Blogger placidian said...

I am completely envious of your new ability to go out to a smoke-free environment. As a musician in Houston, texas, I sometimes feel like I lose a month off of my lifespan, every time I play a gig in some smoky dive. Gaaaaah!

9:10 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey placidian..i know where you are coming from..i used to play music for cash at weekends for many years and our gear was always caked in a yellow stickiness known as 'nicotine' i had to clean down my instruments regularly as they smelled like they had been in a fire. I CANNOT WAIT for sunday and i will then sally forth with fiddle under arm and look for a session or two that does not mean me reaching for my asthma inhaler.

10:21 pm  

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