Saturday, March 25, 2006

drinking diamonds

Not long to go now...only a few hours...6.00am is looming large..Yee Haa. Tomorrow will include a walk and a visit to a local pub that is usually off limits because of the thick smoke...I can't believe it is actually going to will report on how it all goes. I have been listening to Roger McGuinn ex Byrds and enjoying his take on ballads and folk songs.He has been posting for ages and has a fine collection up for perusal. If you like the Harry Smith Collection then this will rock your hammock, loads of diamonds for everyone.
McGuinn's Folk Den

and just to whet your appetite here is a particularly catchy number
Roger McGuinn Follow the Drinking Gourd mp3

He also has a blog which is worth a read as well. And for all you Byrds fans, have a look at this site dedicated to all things Byrd.


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