Sunday, August 21, 2005

X sparkie psycho village

Sitting watching the X Factor...lots of desperate people out there..God most of these folk need a Community Care Assessment and a roll of gaffa tape.........nobody wants to be a plumber or a sparkie let alone work god forbid in a shop. The programme is worth catching just to see how many real nutcases are out there. Pete Doherty looks talented compared to this lot.Chico has just been told by Simon Cowell he was 'loathsome'.
Lets have some REAL Stars....
The Ramones Teenage Lobotomy mp3.

Another band that i haven't heard in a long time but always rated was this one.
Husker Du Real World mp3

Bob Mould is quite a guy,without this band I doubt there would have been any Nirvana. Kurt might have become a librarian or tyre fitter.

Lastly I will throw up a countrry killer

Roy Rogers Gay Ranchero mp3
It was all so innocent in those days....long before the Village People got into that macho checked shirt and the word 'chapps' had only one meaning.


Blogger Devilfish said...

Now that's funny - I wish I had become a plumber I know a few and they are all loaded, a mate of mine who is a joiner is absolutely minted. I think I was the stupid one going on to higher education.

4:08 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey devilfish...Reports claim plumbers in Edinburgh can earn in excess of £50,000 a year, so it seems a better bet than becoming a student and being £30,000 debt after 4 years.... hmmm...something wrong with this push by the government for everyone to go to university and get a degree. No wonder we get held to ransome by some workies who are on GP mega dosh...

9:20 pm  

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