Wednesday, August 03, 2005

slockit sex detective

Back in Bonnie Scotland after a week in Poland and a great time I had too. I would recommend at least a 512 mp3 player for a week. I listened to my 115 tracks on random and didnt get bored..unlike with the 128. My favourite toons were the following..Hope you enjoy them too. If you like them, remember to support the artists and buy the albums. These tracks will only be up for 7 days purely for evaluation purposes then they vamoose into the stratosphere...
Although not strictly anything..this particular song had me gagging for more from these boys. Formed here in Bonnie Scotland this track is almost too eery and voyeristic in it's lyrics but gritty and realistic at the same time.They grew up in a small town called Falkirk which they branded boring and lifeless, full of drunks and drug addicts whose social pastimes were sex and fighting. One local lass Avril Denholm 16 strongly disagreed saying'
"Falkirk is a good place. The nightlife is good and there is no problem with drugs or fighting." She obviously never goes out on on a Friday night in Scotland .........just's a great place!! But having been in Krakow where folks drink beer but nobody was spewing up and challenging you to a 'knifie fight ootside' was a real treat indeed.It's a fab place loads of great architecture and ambience...check it out!!
Arab Strap Love Detective mp3

Alasdair Fraser is a cracking fiddler and I saw him years ago in Aberdeen Folk Club..originally from this neck of the woods he has made a big splash in the US and is better known there.He performs in concert as a soloist; with pianist Paul Machlis; with Scottish guitarist Tony McManus; with cellist Natalie Haas, and with his band Skyedance, which features new music arranged for fiddle, pipes, flute, keyboards and percussion. In great demand as a dance musician, he plays for Scottish country dancing with pianist Muriel Johnstone. He also directs the 60-member San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers orchestra.Definately worth a checkeroo if you like heuchter teuchter toons.

Alasdair Fraser Slockit Light mp3
Made me think of home whilst enjoying the Polish hospitality...


Blogger Greg said...

Welcome back, Grrlfriend! --Enchilada

4:48 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hey enchilada....i am indeed back with what i hope is a rucksack of experiences and more postings of gr8t sounds, whacky websites and musings on the state of the planet...

11:38 pm  

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