Saturday, August 06, 2005

fashion guzzler in portobello skid

This is where it's at ....the only place to experience the delights of a sausage roll and cheese pastie after a night on the bevvy..guzzled down with either a pint of milk or a couple of cans of local nectar known as Irn-bru.This particular establishment is in Portobello, on the coast just outside Edinburgh. if you need a bit of sustanance on the long road home .check it out....a fab place to compare fashion 'must have items' as well..don't get left this has inspired this post of Merle . Been on furlough today and been walking on a psycho track...well it really is cycle path but I heard it like this..and enjoying the muscle streeeeeeeeetch..Fords is one of these Scottish Institutions a curse and a blessing.. Merle Haggard Skid Row mp3


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