Thursday, August 18, 2005

whitewash chilled bampots

Can you believe this???
I am obviously in the wrong job as probably you are too.

WHITEHALL departments are routinely paying senior management consultants more than £2,000 for a single day's work, startling new government figures reveal.
IT consultancies working on government projects cost the taxpayer an average of £2,258 each for a day's work. This comes after the government is shedding 100,000 Civil Servant jobs...something is rotten again in the state of Whitehall.This kind of thing makes me really angry so I will chill out now rather than going off on a BIG RANT!!!!

Oasis where did it all go wrong mp3

I have always been a HUGE Oasis fan, can't explain it at all, why them and not Blur, Liam and not Pete Doherty...anyway, I like this track and it is for those bampots that have agreed those vast sums of our dosh going AWOL.


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