Monday, August 08, 2005

crack spam with urgent dummies

this is a cracker...i dont usually open spam but this one i was intrigued with...un****beleivable how this guy thinks this will hook me in to parting with my nail bar and breast implant savings..

"Sir/Madam, I am a consultant and I have client who wants me to source for properties that needed to be sold in your country. The category of the properties should be landed properties with special indication to Industrial , Estate, Houses, and Land, and companies I therefore seek your urgent assistance to source for these properties on behalf of my client because he has set aside huge sum of money for the pruchase of the properties. My client is a one time former president of a nation now in exile. he has agreed to offer us 10% of the total sum to be spent on the properties. if you are interested please do contact me as soon as possible. please do endevour to contact me immediately. In-anticipation to hear from soon. Paul Clark "
Well Paul..this aint one chick that is getting her bank account details ready for you...this nail bar and nip and tuck shop is where the readies are going...
here is a great track to get you in the mood for the weekend...
senor coconut showroom dummies mp3


Blogger Devilfish said...

I love it, love it and love it some more. Thanks country girl once again you have brought some sunshine to another wet and cloudy day.

2:24 pm  
Blogger Devilfish said...

I have got the version by kraftwork and you have inspired me to post it on friday, I will put a reference to your post.

2:41 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

thanks very much devilfish...yes the original is faaab and i came across senor coconut's take whilst perusing the internet. It makes me smile everytime i hear it which is LOTS!!!!

3:09 pm  

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