Sunday, July 03, 2005

golden guys with diamond arrows

A quarter of a million marched against poverty here in Edinburgh and only one person arrested . No, not for a head clashing confrontation with the riot squad but on a drugs charge. There's always one!!! I saw a bit of the live concert from London, and wasn't Madge mad as hell? "Do you want a ferkin revolution?" and "Is this the Golden Circle? I want to see you people dancing down there!" Go girl!! Seemingly this Golden Circle was for the VIPs, you know the Very Insignificant Person's corner...well they are in the grand scheme of things...The "stars" could swig back grog at the Champagne, Wine and Pimm's Bar whilst the crowd had an alcohol ban imposed...apartheid or what???
Here's for all those who made the effort to make poverty history and just remember that Africans send around $200bn a year home to Africa for their families from earnings..four times the current aid budget.
Camper Van Beethoven Good Guys and the Bad Guys mp3

"Well there are good guys and there are bad guys
And there are crooks and criminals
There are doctors and there are lawyers
And there are folks like you and me"
catch the band at their website.

It would seem that MTV join the bad guys..they just couldn't cope with 8 hours of no commercials and cut off bands right in the middle of their sets. Pink Floyd for one were cut off mid stream.These chattering banal VJ's were gibbering away over the music as well. The mighty cogs of capitalism went grinding on even during this incredible event.I guess I am just naive when it comes to changing the world.

Sometimes I like to hear the King of Bluegrass Jimmy Martin. Also known as 'Mr. Good 'N' Country Music,' Jimmy worked with Bill Monroe for five years, helping him write and record such high lonesome classics as "Uncle Pen," "The Little Girl and the Dreadful Snake," and "I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning ". After all the indie and rock music of the Live8 is was good to go hear some countrry .Jimmy went to the big bluegrass record store in the sky back in May of this year.Gone but not forgotten.

Jimmy Martin Ocean of Diamonds mp3

His son Lee said upon his death "He loved bluegrass music, country music. Bill Monroe was his idol and someone he patterned himself after musically,"

A band that is getting a lot of press and is frae bonnie scotland is Aberfeldy. Produced by Jim Sutherland who was a member of the Easy Club, but is one hell of an all rounder. Check out his CV at his website.

Aberfeldy Love is an Arrow mp3
"They are a collaboration of like minded folk, who met in Edinburgh's pubs and cafes, and who share an appreciation for making great choral pop music." so says the Rough Trade you agree??


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be sure to check out the Jimmy Martin King of Bluegrass documentary movie if you havent yet, its great!

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