Sunday, July 24, 2005

chastity in mexico

It seems that Mick Jagger was accosted by Elder Gene R. Cookon on a flight that originated in Mexico to either Houston or Dallas. This guy was a Mormon and had a lot to say to Mick about chastity and the origin of the species. He has posted up his meeting and it is worth a read...surreal nonsense....the only time i have felt sorry for Mr J having tolisten to this drivel..and he probably paid for a first class ticket too!!
Here is a track that I have been playing several times a day and not tiring off it one little bit...
Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crowe Old Habits Die Hard mp3
I am off for a week to Poland and will not be blogging ......i have stuffed my mp3 player with loads of goodies..from the ramones to travis tritt by way of sam cooke and oasis.....
here is one last track that i have been using to help me pack and make sure that i have everything for every eventuality...but no Book of Mormon I'm afraid...i wonder if i will have such a companion as Mr J who will set me a thinkin about the root of all evil..aka rock n roll..
Toby Keith is a big favourite and I have to post this fabby track from his Greatest Hits...will be back in a week...have a chill out time..adios and cheerio fur the noo...
Toby Keith Stays in Mexico mp3


Blogger dickvandyke said...

Thanks v much for the track. Interesting combination. my little girl likes it too - which makes a change from Gwen Stefarni!

10:20 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

That "conversation with Mick Jagger" doesn't sound completely made up, not at all!

10:55 pm  
Blogger Ekko said...

Hey. What did you think of the Joplin/Dead track? Sorry I missed your Pearl Jam post...Keep up the great work!

11:00 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

just checking my blog here in Krakow where the weather is HOT. The first music track i heard was in a bar in the national park at Ojcow and it was Cher I believe...can you believe that???
glad you liked the jagger/crowe track as much as me..and yes the mormon moment was real i guess..i LOVED the joplin/dead track she can really show those new gals on the Joss Stone a thing or two in the tonsil department. Thanx for all your comments..great to read them here in Poland.

9:17 am  
Blogger guapo said...

Poland? Anyway, thank you so much for introducing me to the music of Townes Van Zandt. I just recieved 4 Cd`s, In the Beginning, For the sake of the song, Our Mother the Mountain and Townes van Zandt all recorded between 1966 and 1969. I never knew he was this kind of folk/blues guy. Some of it reminds me of Glen Campbell, some Dylan, some Donovan(!) or even Jackson C Frank. But it`s always his own, mournful to say the least, as folk music should be. And there`s far too many great songs to pick any less than 10 favorites so I won`t even try!

9:07 am  

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