Friday, July 01, 2005

cowboys, devils and griffins

Listening to an awesome track by Mr Bobby D and rather fantastic it is too. It's called 'I'm not there' from the original Basement without further ado here's the real Bob..
Bob Dylan I'm not there mp3
It is fairly quiet so far here in G8ville, no torrid anarchists tearing up the turf or trashing the top soil. All the rooms are taken, even the crappy ones and the post boxes are sellotaped up and B&Q that bastion of British DIY are doing no deliveries in Edinburgh during the G8. Damn, that bathroom I hoped to install this weekend will just have to wait.
Next up is Griffin House whom I heard do an interview and play a few tracks tonight on my fave show Brand New Opry on Radio Scotland with Bryan Burnette. He was fairly mellow and not really americana, but as i liked his stuff here is something i found floating around in freemp3world
Griffin House Tell Me a Lie mp3
He says "I don’t think I really started understanding how to write songs with the acoustic guitar until I started listening to Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie" and in honour, how about a Boss moment...
Bruce Springsteen Black Cowboys mp3
from his latest platter Devils and Dust his nineteenth official release which I recently purchased and would strongly suggest you do likewise.
I have never seen him live to my regret , but his Barcelona Concert on DVD is as good as. Maybe one day....


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