Monday, July 18, 2005

reefer mama in bluegrass kiss

Townes Van Zandt is tonights first Handsome Hombre with an early track produced by Cowboy Jack Clement.
Townes Van Zandt Black Jack Mama mp3

Another handsome devil is ..the young Hank the third....or Shelton as he is better known."I listened to my grandfather's music when I was four years old, but at the same time, by the time I got to ten, I was listening to KISS, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Ted Nugent, too," Call it Slacker Swing or Honky Punk this is one "risin'outlaw" as the tattoo on his arm proclaims.He is shunned by Nashville, just like all the greats, Johnny Cash, George Jones, kd lang,David Allan Coe,Waylon and Willie..need I go on? In fine form and as good as his Dad and Grandpappy

Shelton Hank Williams III Kicked Out of Every Bar mp3

Glad that Hoyt has gone down so well with all you folks..why not another drug laden tale of morality? From the same album Della and the Dealer..great is our reefer cowboy this time trying to say no to a 10 pound bag of Coke amongst other tantalising offers. This tiger in the closets' eyes would be more than "gumdrop red" this time round..
Hoyt Axton No No Song mp3
I love bluegrass and have found a great free source right here on the www. Check out Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band.Read this and salute them. "On behalf of The Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band, I, Travis Book, the bass player, give permission for anyone and everyone to post and download our music. We are firm believers that music belongs to everyone, regardless of who
serves as the medium. Frankly we're honored that there are people who want to record and listen to this music. Archivists, we salute you."
Off to get that cup of tea i have been promising myself for the last hour..


Blogger guapo said...

Nice, particularly the bluesy Townes Van Zandt track.

6:48 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

thank u mr barf..
How many of your skies are blue?
How much of your love is true?
Where to get them eyes of green?
I'm knowin' you know just what I mean
from "Pueblo Waltz" - TVZ
I think i subconsiously named my blog after this track from the man....i listen to his stuff a lot and wish i had seen him live but no joy on that front. I bought my first cd from a shop in aberdeen and was hooked straight off.Thanx for comments!!

1:05 am  
Blogger guapo said...

The only Townes Van Zandt track I had ever heard before was the one on "The Big Lebowski" soundtrack "Dead Flowers". A Rolling Stones song anyway. Now in my typically impulsive style i`m gonna buy half his back catalog. I`m sorry he`s dead but I do get the impression he probably drunk even more beer than I do!

8:50 am  
Blogger guapo said...

er....I meant drank even more!

10:44 am  

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