Monday, July 04, 2005

divine shopping in brainy heaven

this is an outrageous story..could it have happened in your town only there was not a reporter on hand????..I don't think I could have made it up if I had tried. The things one gets up to on a girly night with a few bottles of vino....
Anyway talking of weird stuff ,I got a leaflet thrust at me in the Kirkgate Shopping Centre in Leith on Saturday by an earnest woman. I didn't particularly look at it until I got home. I had a good laugh at what was on it and I would like to share the contents with your good selves. Not being of a religious bent I get fed up with all the charltans and crazies making a buck of people's despair and need to get to the best seats after the coffin lid has slammed down.
Divine Encounter Edingburgh(sic) with Host Apostle Alfred Williams. This guy is something else, he "has been used by God in Various nations of the world and has planted churches in several countries...God uses him in sharp prophetic ministry displaying His power through signs and wonders" still awake??? Apostle Alfred has seen cripples walk, blind eyes open, the dead raised to life and people healed from barrenness.."Wow!!! So anyway you can join in the madness at a God Encounter where you can experience a "Generational blessing destroying the power of curses and spell" (sic) The finale is "Building Overcomers for Tomorrow!" I think I am washing my hair that night and chilling some wine. Incredible to think this kind of nonsense is getting airplay...
Now it's time for a reality check and some damn good toons to blast any Bezelbub back to a time before Adam met Eve let alone Steve..
Paul Westerberg Looking up in Heaven mp3
After he disbanded The Replacements I liked his stuff better and he is credited with starting the alt rock movement..well according to "Rolling Stone"

In the singer songwriter department this guy gets all my oatcakes and cheese...I like this track so much I rewind it a lot on the compilation cassette i have for the car, in between Radio 4.
"I don't write story songs, I write about how we deal with life." Todd Thibaud pronounced (Tee-bo) released his fourth solo record, "Northern Skies" under the 95North label in March 2005. You can get loads of downloads at his website.
Todd Thibaud Out of my head mp3
A song co-written with Irish singer/songwriter Kieran Goss
.Bought a copy of the Big Issue tonight which is celebrating it's 12 year in existence. It has some interesting facts that are worth repeating. For instance what would happen if Britain closed it's door on migrant workers?
Fact 43% of nurses and 31% of doctors entering the NHS were trained outside the UK.Without them hospitals here would have to close. So it is not a brain drain running out of Britain but one out of Africa...something to think about during this week of the G8.
Lastly a bit of fun..
Junior Brown started with classical piano training as a child.He has been involved in surf music, acid rock, and honky tonk and as a sideman..He is backed up by his wife on rhythm guitar, whom he introduces as "the lovely Miss Tanya Rae." He has a listening party posted up at the moment on CMT where you can here the new album "Greatest Hits" worth a checkeroo.
Junior Brown Hula Girl mp3


Blogger Devilfish said...

I don't know about you but I would take very unkindly of God using my special abilities for his own selfish means. If I was that preacher man I would be negotiating a deal with God and have him write up a contract for special privledges for when I get to heaven and to ensure that I definately get on the guest list when I die (can you imagine what the cue would be like to get in there.) I would also insist that I no matter what my sins in this life I was guaranteed entry, for example if I was to con a load of people by boasting I could bring them back from the dead for a small fee and used that fee to fund my heroin addiction I would still be given the VIP treatment on my arrival...Ohh I see

3:32 pm  
Blogger Devilfish said...

I also thought I'd better inform you I tried downloading baroom girls and was bomarded with the crazy frrrrg I can't even get myself to type it.

4:22 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

thanx devilfish for pointing up the crrazzy frrrrrg link. Yhat little varmint must of jumped into my hard drive other explanation, or else it was Host Apostle Alfred Williams who cast a spell on the post in revenge for my take on his "sharp pathetic ...ministry"..

7:18 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

oh I forgot to say that i have posted up a new Todd Thibaud track..lets hope the Host Apostle is having a night off.

7:19 pm  
Blogger dickvandyke said...

Well well grrl - you covered some ground with that post!

Could it be construed as cannibalism for a pussy to eat a pussy?

8:20 pm  
Blogger IanB said...

Lurrrrrvin it !!! Cheers !!!

IanB @ RetroBabe!

10:14 am  

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