Saturday, November 19, 2005

slipping journey genius

CSI is on in the background and i have just voted for Journey South on the X is really living!!! So here is my fantastic music moment for this Sat night and hope that all clubbers get their kebab on the way home and realise that Trent Reznor is a ferkin genius...
Nine Inch Nails slipping away mp3
whilst waiting for a kettle to boil for my camonmile tea my ears were arrested and my body rocked and rolled into magical shapes...yes..honest whilst listening to this track at ear blood spurting volume..aaagh pop is alive and you don't need to purchase an Abba or Robbie disc to know this, Formed in 1993, Sister Hazel is an acoustic jangle-pop band based in Gainesville, Florida, go boys...this is them doing a fab rock out meltdown kind of westlife meets stereophonics cutting round the pasture and saying hi to a david's late so maybe my ears are out of commission, but this is worth a click onto your hard drive and then a quick shifty to the record store virtual or otherwise...
Sister Hazel Out There live at Newport mp3
Great news that SonyBMG have been forced to stop putting spyware on their CD's. One to the little people..yeeeeeeeha!!


Blogger jane said...

I heard about this advertising scheme on a another blog, that gives away free XBOX 360 gaming systems. It sounded like a scam, but after I googled it, it was legitmiate. You have to sign up for an offer from one the sponser companies. I did a free trial one. There's still time to get one before Cristmas! Here's the link, check it out.
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12:08 am  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

hmm jenny...i will need a bit more info before i sign up for this...maybe the company is based in nigeria...anyway if anyone has more details on this let me know and share it with other bloggers..i am not into just plugging in my info ...cautious scot that i am..

12:53 am  

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