Thursday, November 17, 2005

tattoo black memory

I am telly surfing and there is a prog coming on about inductions into the UK music hall of fame 'with strong language from the start'..well folks who are these 'legendary names'???. Let's hope it is His Bobness and God is indeed on his side.
Bob Dylan God Knows live Mp3 in Galgary Alberta.year unknown.
Just seen Ozzy Osbourne shuffling on screen and it made me think of the time I saw the band at Greens Playhouse in Glasgow back in the 70's . I was in the second row , well by the end of the gig, there was no second row as it had been totally trashed. Everybody including my good self had stood on the backs of the fixed chairs and headbanged along to the next track..slowly ..and caused the seats to disintegrate ..and rip up from their bolts.. they collapsed and it was then total mayhem...can't imagine that happening at a Babyshambles concert...too much designer gear for total meltdown.....
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath mp3
This trip down memory lane has thrown up this track ..get it whilst you can. Remember, all these music posts are to get you to purchase the artist's material, so if what you hear rocks your duvet, support these artists..even if they are in the record deck in the sky. Some family member is probably depending on the cheque.
Rory Gallagher Tatto'd Lady Live Tuscon Arizona mp3


Blogger c said...

thumbs up for rory. i don't think he was ever more than a blip on the radar here in the u.s. but man, he was awesome.

7:00 pm  
Blogger countrygrrl said...

rory was very underrated...guys like alvin lee and jeff beck seem to be popping up on lots of tribute programmes and seventies remember this...but this is indeed the real mccoy and just glad that i can make more folks aware of his immense talent...cheers for comment c !!!

11:27 pm  

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