Friday, November 04, 2005

grrls cloaking crackers

I have been having a massive tidy out and came across an envelope of ticket stubs for gigs that i went to aeons ago. I saw Led Zepplin for one pound sterling. !!! The support was grrrl outfit Fanny. I can still remember June Millington and her gang disrobing out of black cloaks into scanty gear that would have caused Mary Whitehouse to have a cardiac arrest . They were the first all female group to get a major record contract . June played guitar and her sister Jean was on bass .Alice de Buhr tub thumped and Nickey Barclay whaacked the keyboards .They seemingly chose 'Fanny 'because they thought it was more interesting as it could be a woman's name as well as a part of the female anatomy.
So there you go!! A bit of grrl herstorry there.
I don't have any music by the grrls these days, however David Bowie, is one of their biggest fans. He even wrote an article for Rolling Stone moaning that they were so fabbydabbydozy and seemed almost forgotten now. The press back in the early 70's treated Fanny as though they were a manufactured band, a bit like the Spice Girls today.
So for Fanny and all those grrls who kicked over the statues..Patti, Janis, Indigo's, Annie L, Billie, here is David Bowie with a faaaab live version of Heroes. Go Grrl Go!!!!!
David Bowie Heroes live acoustic mp3
i also couldn't resist posting this , I play this at FULL MEGGGGA db when driving .
Cher I still haven't found what I'm looking for live mp3
And for a bonus ball, howzabout this wee cracker from another grrl of mucho talent.
Bonnie Rait Thing called love mp3


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