Tuesday, July 04, 2006

blame it on a simple twist of fate

I have been listening to an album of Dylan out takes of Blood on the Tracks. Why he didn't release this version aye dinnae ken. It is much more immediate and direct than the official album which don't get me wrong would be one of my desert island discs.

Bob Dylan Simple Twist of Fate out take mp3

I have never seen him live and missed a chance in the 1970's when he played Newcastle You never know how long your heroes will be around, but he seems to be still up for it..given the length of his touring schedules. He has played approximately 100 gigs a year all the way through the 1990's and 2000's kinda puts Oasis to shame. He has been playing keyboards and the harmonica and not picking up his guitar much during shows. It seems the reason is that he wants a fuller sound on the bottom range and hasn't found a keyboard player that play what he wants. Here is info about his 2006 schedule if you fancy a blast.


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